• Heilongjiang Baisheng Mushroom Co., LTD at top of its industrialization game
    After over 10 years of development, now, Black fungus growing has become the crucial pillar industry which drives farmer

    2018-05-25 16:28:27/Read More

  • Heilongjiang Bingrong Biotechnology Co., LTD daily outputs 24 tons of Eryngii
    Recently, in industrialized factory built by Heilongjiang Bingrong Biotechnology Co., LTD, King oyster mushrooms (Eryngi

    2018-05-23 16:40:04/Read More

  • Intelligent and industrialized Seafood mushroom production shows high yield
    At present, in modernized mushroom workshop managed by Lvsheng Pengyuan Agricultural Technology Development Co., LTD, Se

    2018-05-18 16:49:37/Read More

  • China’s Horizon: Irresistible trend of industrialized mushroom production
    According to statistics, from 2011-2016, under the stimulation of stable growth of household consumption. Mushroom deman

    2018-05-16 16:37:21/Read More

  • Shandong Xuerong Biotechnology: Daily output on fresh mushroom hits 300 tons
    Now, in industrialized mushroom workshop managed by Shandong Xuerong Biotechnology Co., LTD, Enoki mushrooms are showing

    2018-05-10 16:10:33/Read More

  • High-tech Mushroom Garden Project was smoothly signed
    Recently, signing ceremony of High-tech Mushroom Garden Project was held in Qinyang County, Henan Province of China. Acc

    2018-05-09 17:03:22/Read More

  • Industrialized mushroom production launches new development pattern
    Now, in mushroom factory owned by Shandong Fanghua Mushroom Co., LTD, staffs are engaged with the packing and marketing

    2018-04-28 16:43:24/Read More

  • Heilongjiang Bingrong Company leads speedy development trend
    On April 26th, there indicates a busy scene in workshop operated by Heilongjiang Bingrong Biotechnology Co., LTD. As the

    2018-04-26 17:05:13/Read More

  • King oyster mushrooms are scrumptiously coming into season
    In late April, Heilongjiang Qidagu Mushroom Development Co., LTD is greeting the picking time of the first batch of King

    2018-04-24 16:53:26/Read More

  • Industrialized mushroom production fevers
    Over years of development, mushroom production implemented in Yanjun Farm of Lesser Khingan Mountains, Heilongjiang Prov

    2018-04-20 17:08:07/Read More

  • Industrialized Button mushroom project that carries 350 million CNY of investment is booming
    Now, in Button mushroom plant owned by Gansu Jinwosen Biotechnology Co., LTD, workers are engaged with mushroom picking.

    2018-04-18 16:52:26/Read More

  • Project that annually outputs 20,000 tons of Button mushroom is settled
    Not long ago, Tianshui Zhongxing Mushroom Technology Limited Company signed Investment Promotion Agreement with Peoples

    2018-04-17 09:56:12/Read More

  • Xuerong Company achieves maximal benefit on its industrialized mushroom production
    Now, in workshop of Shandong Xuerong Biotechnology Co., LTD, Enoki mushrooms lead satisfactory growth tendency. Xuerong

    2018-04-11 16:41:29/Read More

  • Industrialized Button mushroom project that carries 350 million CNY of investment booms
    Now, in Button mushroom factory managed by Gansu Jinwosen Biotechnology Co., LTD, Button mushrooms are actively spreadin

    2018-04-08 16:39:52/Read More

  • Industrialized mushroom production debuts in Yongchuan City, Chongqing of China
    Now, in one of mushroom enterprises that covers over 100 mu of area in Shizi Village, Yongchuan District, Chongqing City

    2018-03-30 16:38:23/Read More

  • Project which daily outputs 60 tons of Hypsizigus marmoreus was launched
    Not long ago, through powerful combination, advantage complementation, a strategic cooperation agreement was signed betw

    2018-03-28 16:31:02/Read More

  • Mushroom project which holds 700,000 bottles of daily output started its construction
    Recently, opening ceremony of mushroom project developed by Jiangsu Ruyiqing Mushroom Biotechnology Co., LTD was ceremon

    2018-03-24 16:56:21/Read More

  • Stick factory which holds the expected annual output of 10 million is put into production
    Recently, stick factory which holds 3 million CNY of investment is formally put into production in Sayu Town, Anlong Cou

    2018-03-22 16:38:01/Read More

  • Factory that annually outputs 20,000 tons of Enoki mushroom shines
    Now, in mushroom factory newly built by Zhejiang Kangcheng Mushroom Co., LTD, roaring machines and several production li

    2018-03-19 16:41:01/Read More

  • 67 authorized patents are acquired by Jiangsu Guoxin Mushroom Co., LTD
    Founded in 2002, Jiangsu Guoxin Mushroom Complete Equipment Co., LTD is a high-tech enterprise which provides industrial

    2018-03-16 16:46:43/Read More

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  • Golden fungus is becoming a nutritional star

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  • Black fungus cultivation becomes the bright industry that indicates handsome incomes

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  • Jiangsu Province of China: Under-forest Shiitake industry flourishes

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  • Heilongjiang Province: Superior Black fungi cultivated in shed room are sold abroad

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  • Xixia City, Henan Province: Volume of Shiitake export leads a sustained growth

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