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  • Chongqing Jifeng Mushroom Company: Factory-mode White fungus production fevers
    Recently, in Chongqing Jifeng Mushroom Company located in Shizi Village, Yongchuan District, Chongqing City of China, Wh

    2019-01-15 15:59:39/Read More

  • 20 tons of Enoki mushroom are daily produced on this automatic production line
    Recently, in mushroom workshop managed by Yunxiao Ganghengtai Biotechnology Co., LTD, workers are masterly trimming and

    2019-01-09 09:10:28/Read More

  • Project that annually outputs 50,000 tons of mushrooms was formally put into production
    Learned from Chongqing Hualv Biological Co., LTD, recently, industrialized project that annually outputs 50,000 tons of

    2018-12-27 15:55:05/Read More

  • Mushroom industry drives the development of economy
    Recently, in standardized factory operated by Lianyungang Yinfeng Mushroom Technology Co., LTD, Seafood mushrooms are or

    2018-12-21 15:57:40/Read More

  • By 2018, the expected gross mushroom output value hits 5.7 billion CNY in Guan’nan County
    On December 13, in Jiangsu Yuguan Industrial Garden managed by Jiangsu Yuguan Modern Agricultural Technology Co., LTD, w

    2018-12-13 15:58:41/Read More

  • Project that annually outputs 20,000 tons of Button mushroom was formally signed
    On December 10, Button Mushroom Factory Construction Cooperation Project which holds the annual mushroom output of 20,00

    2018-12-11 16:42:20/Read More

  • Factory-mode Straw mushroom production boosts over 30 million CNY of annual output value
    Recently, in mushroom garden located in Peinan Village, Sihong County, Jiangsu Province of China, Straw mushrooms are sh

    2018-12-05 15:58:20/Read More

  • Button mushroom planting opens up an affluent road
    Recently, Button mushrooms planted in Shanshang Shanxia Agricultural Technology Co., LTD are in picking period. Our co

    2018-12-03 15:55:44/Read More

  • Constant-temperature and intelligent greenhouse breeds superior Oudemansiella raphanipes
    On November 29, Oudemansiella raphanipes produced in Nangao Constant-temperature and Intelligent Mushroom Base of Jianhe

    2018-11-29 15:58:00/Read More

  • Chenyang Mushroom Co., LTD: Quality Is The Products’ Foundation To Keep the Foothold In The Market
    On November 27, Hypsizygus marmoreus mushrooms produced in workshop of Shandong Chenyang Mushroom Co., LTD grow well on

    2018-11-27 15:48:15/Read More

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  • Growing mushrooms to set up the path of prosperity

    2019-01-15 15:57:52/Read More

  • Gansu Province of China: Market Analysis of Mushroom Price

    2019-01-11 16:31:32/Read More

  • Pleurotus geesteranus farming provides weapon for poverty removal

    2019-01-11 16:29:46/Read More

  • Guangdong Province of China: Market Analysis of Mushroom Price

    2019-01-10 16:06:26/Read More

  • New rare mushroom variety: Bear’s paw mushroom is at the market price of 15 CNY per kg

    2019-01-10 16:03:18/Read More