• Mushrooms produced in Guan’nan County, Jiangsu Province of China walk the world
    Guannan County, Jiangsu Province of China situates in Southern margin of the North Temperature Zone, it is born with war

    2018-10-18 16:14:20/Read More

  • Hebei Province: Agricultural wastes boost mushroom production and open up a rich future
    Recently, in mushroom shed operated by Kuancheng Jushengyuan Mushroom Cultivation Co., LTD, workers are orderly engaged

    2018-10-15 16:07:36/Read More

  • Mushroom production indicated handsome output value in first half of 2018 in Ganzhou District, Gansu
    Over the years, Ganzhou District, Gansu Province of China has been positively adjusting the structure of agricultural in

    2018-10-12 16:05:28/Read More

  • Fujian Province: Seafood mushroom production evolves into a FLOURISHING INDUSTRY
    Mushrooms are approved as green, organic, nutritious and health-care food while mushroom industry is also a rural econom

    2018-10-11 16:07:48/Read More

  • Mushroom growers are deeply rooted in Gutian County, Fujian Province of China
    Gutian County, Fujian Province of China was born with superior conditions for mushroom cropping, in virtues of the kindn

    2018-10-09 16:11:43/Read More

  • Shandong Kangrui Mushroom Technology Co., LTD: An Rising Mushroom Star
    Established in April, 2007, Shandong Kangrui Mushroom Technology Co., LTD is a comprehensive provincial key leading ente

    2018-10-08 16:03:38/Read More

  • Xuerong Company: Rapid price rise of Enoki mushroom drives than-expected performance
    According to Profit Announcement published by Shanghai Xuerong Biotechnology Co., Ltd, in first three quarters of 2018,

    2018-09-29 16:05:53/Read More

  • Guizhou Province: Artificial cultivation of Black Termitomyces mushroom got succeeded
    On September 27, Black Termitomyces mushrooms artificially cultivated in thermostatic and smart factory of Jianhe County

    2018-09-27 16:07:24/Read More

  • Industrialized mushroom production shines as a promising industry
    In recent years, Haidong City, Qinghai Province of China has been positively introducing the technology of industrialize

    2018-09-25 16:14:32/Read More

  • Industrialized White fungus workshop that hits annual output value of 1 billion CNY debuts
    On September 20, in fruiting workshop operated by Guangxi Beibuwan Modern Agriculture Co., LTD, 60,000 sticks of superio

    2018-09-20 16:09:13/Read More

  • Zhejiang Province: New breeding technology on mushroom spawn gets a significant breakthrough
    On September 17, in production workshop operated by Zhejiang Yiwu Longchuan Agricultural Development Co., LTD, Seafood m

    2018-09-17 15:55:04/Read More

  • Blue light helps output 3000 tons of Velvet antler mushroom each year
    Recently, Velvet antler mushrooms (鹿茸菇) cultivated under blue light are in growth status in Jiangsu Suzhou Huataichan

    2018-09-13 16:06:05/Read More

  • Mechanized and intelligent production yields superior mushrooms
    On September 11, White beech mushrooms produced in intelligent and factory-mode mushroom workshop managed by Modern Agri

    2018-09-11 16:00:06/Read More

  • Hunan Province: Industrialized Pleurotus geesteranus production yields considerable benefits
    In recent years, mushroom industry has been leading rapid development trend in Changde City, Hunan Province of China, en

    2018-09-06 16:10:35/Read More

  • It is the peak picking time of fresh mushroom in Tianjin Pengyuan Co., LTD
    Recently, in Tianjin Lvsheng Pengyuan Agricultural Technology Development Co., LTD, White beech mushrooms are in peak ha

    2018-09-03 16:05:48/Read More

  • Supply of anti-season Pleurotus geesteranus falls short of demand
    On August 30, Pleurotus geesteranus cultivated in Bajiao Village, Tongnan District, Chongqing City of China are in peak

    2018-08-30 16:01:07/Read More

  • Industrialized mushroom production thrives in Qingfeng County, Henan Province of China
    Over the years, mushroom industry has been stimulated to an intensitve, large-scale, anniversary, standardized developme

    2018-08-27 15:59:52/Read More

  • Full-function Ecological Control Equipment boosts industrialized White fungus production
    Recognized as The Capital of Mushroom in China, White fungi produced in Gutian County, Fujian Province of China are also

    2018-08-24 16:12:59/Read More

  • Mushroom production prospers in Jiangsu Jiuhe Biotechnology Co., LTD
    On August 21, staffs working in Jiangsu Jiuhe Biotechnology Co., LTD are engaged with the sorting work of King oyster mu

    2018-08-21 16:06:25/Read More

  • Industrialized mushroom project breeds superior Enoki mushrooms
    Now, in Fujian Ganghengtai Biotechnology Co., LTD, staffs are engaged with preparation work of Enoki mushroom production

    2018-08-17 16:02:54/Read More

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  • Several newly processed products and flavor characteristics of Shiitake mushroom

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  • Mushroom cultivation widens growers path for growing rich

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