• Industrialized mushroom project breeds superior Enoki mushrooms
    Now, in Fujian Ganghengtai Biotechnology Co., LTD, staffs are engaged with preparation work of Enoki mushroom production

    2018-08-17 16:02:54/Read More

  • Factory-mode production of White fungus and Sparassis crispa booms in Fujian Province, China
    Over the years, mushroom industry blossoms everywhere throughout Youxi County, Fujian Province of China. In 2017, gross

    2018-08-15 16:11:09/Read More

  • Factory-mode mushroom industry leads a flourishing development trend
    Over the years, mushroom production keeps on showing industrialized and large-scale pattern in Yongan City, Fujian Provi

    2018-08-02 15:55:22/Read More

  • High output on Enoki mushroom production is realized in summer in modernized factory
    Now, in factory of Fujian Gangshuntai Biotechnology Co., LTD, sorting and packing work of Enoki mushroom is fiercely in

    2018-07-31 16:10:35/Read More

  • Bottle-mode King oyster mushroom production is turning to automatic pattern
    Over the years, Jingcheng Town, Nanjing County of Fujian Province keeps on grasping mushroom industry as the key project

    2018-07-28 16:12:13/Read More

  • Industrialized Shiitake production makes a good blaze
    On July 25, in Zhejiang Sangni Mushroom Technology Co., LTD which situates in Xiazhen Village, Liandu District, Lishui C

    2018-07-25 16:53:51/Read More

  • Mushroom industry propels the development of modern agriculture
    Now, in workshop of Hebei Guangming Jiudaogu Biotechnology Co., LTD, workers are busy with the packing work. Recognized

    2018-07-23 16:14:30/Read More

  • Junesun Fungi Proposes to Input 320 Million CNY on Extension Project of Mushroom House
    According to the announcement of Tianshui Junesun Fungi Technology Incorporated Company, not long ago, Jiangsu Zhongyou

    2018-07-19 16:33:55/Read More

  • Industrializd White fungus production leads smart development trend
    On July 17, in one of factories engaging in industrialized mushroom production in Jigang Village, Gutian County, Fujian

    2018-07-17 16:03:07/Read More

  • Superior industrialized White beech mushrooms enter into oversea markets
    Recently, in fruiting workshop managed by Shandong Guangrao Fanghua Mushroom Co., LTD, workers are engaged with picking

    2018-07-13 16:11:37/Read More

  • King oyster mushroom production opens the umbrella of poverty removal
    Now, in factory managed by Lvya Modern Agriculture Technology Incorporated Company, King oyster mushrooms are showing ro

    2018-07-09 16:06:38/Read More

  • Factory-mode mushroom production shows a large-scale development trend
    Now, in mushroom workshop operated by Jiangsu Yuguan Industry Garden, a series of procedures of mushroom production such

    2018-07-07 16:02:33/Read More

  • Automatic Seafood mushroom production significantly improves efficiency
    On July 4, in Fujian Shunchang Qixing Agricultural Products Development Co., LTD, 2 standardized mushroom factories are

    2018-07-04 15:57:22/Read More

  • Seafood mushroom production yields substantial profits
    Founded in 2003, Fujian Shennong Mushroom Incorporated is located in Shunchang County, Fujian Province of China where ho

    2018-06-26 16:02:50/Read More

  • Industrialized mushroom production is trending at the diversification
    Global mushroom output increases year by year, of which China evidently contributes a lot. According to data statistics

    2018-06-21 15:57:39/Read More

  • Factory-mode Straw mushroom growing fulfills anniversary production
    On June 15, Straw mushrooms produced in base of Mianhuazhuang Town, Huaian City, Jiangsu Province of China are exuberant

    2018-06-15 16:02:11/Read More

  • High-tech solution impels Seafood mushroom production
    In recent days, there has been a busy scene in fruiting workshop managed by Sichuan Junlv Ecological Agricultural Techno

    2018-06-13 16:02:39/Read More

  • Industrialized Seafood mushrooms enjoy two booms on production and marketing
    Now, in mushroom factory built by Sichuan Junlv Ecological Agriculture Technology Co., LTD, Seafood mushrooms vigorously

    2018-06-11 15:54:39/Read More

  • Zhejiang Longquan Shuangyi Mushroom Co., LTD: Automatic Enoki mushroom production booms
    On June 8, staffs working in Zhejiang Longquan Shuangyi Mushroom Co., LTD are engaged with trimming, packing and marketi

    2018-06-08 16:01:09/Read More

  • Shandong Guanyu Agricultural Science and Technology Co., LTD: Eryngii mushrooms are indeed healthy
    On June 7, in Shandong Guanyu Agricultural Science and Technology Co., LTD, some workers are busy picking superior Butto

    2018-06-07 15:56:16/Read More

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  • Artificial Oudemansiella raphanipes cultivation got succeeded in Liaoning, China

    2018-08-17 16:01:19/Read More

  • By 2020, the estimated output value of mushroom industry hits over 30 billion CNY in Yunnan, China

    2018-08-16 16:17:38/Read More

  • Artificial cultivation of White Reishi mushroom got succeeded in Tibet, China

    2018-08-15 16:12:34/Read More

  • Mushroom industry thrives in Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang of China

    2018-08-14 16:06:32/Read More

  • The Third National Black Fungus Innovation Development Meeting was rounded off

    2018-08-13 16:08:55/Read More

  • Profitable idea: Reasonably utilize 700 idle houses to grow Morel mushrooms

    2018-08-13 16:07:45/Read More

  • Authoritative roadshow reports issued on National Black Fungus Meeting catch high attention

    2018-08-10 16:08:06/Read More

  • Marketing time of Straw mushroom arrives in Luoding of Guangdong Province

    2018-08-10 16:07:02/Read More