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Project that annually outputs 20,000 tons of Button mushroom was formally signed

2018-12-11 16:42:20

On December 10, Button Mushroom Factory Construction Cooperation Project which holds the annual mushroom output of 20,000 tons was contracted between Jilin Dexiang Group and AEM Company. After the formal operation, a great number of waste agricultural straws and livestock manures could be transformed and consumed, which promotes a sustainable, benign, ecological circular agriculture.

“Corn farming feeds the chickens, after the harvest, corn straws are mixed with chicken manure and fermented into base stock for Button mushroom cultivation. And, organic fertilizers produced after Button mushroom cultivation could be directly returned to the field as fertilizers of corn planting, which actualizes the benign cycle between crop farming and livestock breeding,” said Mr. Li Qiang, vice president of Jilin Dexiang Group, adding that after the project is put into formal production, the projected annual consumption volume on chicken manure and straw reaches 60,000 tons.

Armed with the gross investment of 267 million CNY, Holland’s advanced core technology referring to zone-system Button mushroom production mode, and industrialized construction mode of Button mushroom, the anticipated annual output on Button mushroom hits 20,000 tons, with the market price of 8-15 CNY per kg, the projected annual profits come to over 63 million CNY. Besides, 60,000 tons of organic fertilizers which carry the output value of 18 million CNY are expected to be made by waste fruiting materials.