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20 tons of Enoki mushroom are daily produced on this automatic production line

2019-01-09 09:10:28

Recently, in mushroom workshop managed by Yunxiao Ganghengtai Biotechnology Co., LTD, workers are masterly trimming and packing Enoki mushrooms.

“Since the establishment, we have been committed to factory-mode mushroom production, processing and marketing, annual output value comes to 100 million CNY. And, depending on the production line, we daily output nearly 20 tons of fresh Enoki mushrooms,” introduces general manager of Yunxiao Ganghengtai Biotechnology Co., LTD with enthusiasm.

As China’s famous mushroom producing region, Zhangzhou City of Fujian Province is worthy of the name of “The Capital of Mushroom in China”. In 2018, during the implementation course of rural revitalization strategy, Zhangzhou City relies on the reality, positively brings its superiority of agricultural resource into full play and boosts the level of agricultural technology.

Nowadays, the prosperity of mushroom industry also brings benefits to the masses, and helps them get stable jobs and increase incomes close to home.