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Chongqing Jifeng Mushroom Company: Factory-mode White fungus production fevers

2019-01-15 15:59:39

Recently, in Chongqing Jifeng Mushroom Company located in Shizi Village, Yongchuan District, Chongqing City of China, White fungi are in good growth trend, which indicates the actualization of industrialized and batch White fungus production within the district.

White fungus is known as Snow fungus, traditional Chinese medicine believes that it is effective in tonifying spleen and stimulating the appetite.

“Due to mother culture of White fungus holds complex breeding technology as well as strict requirement on temperature, there are certain challenges on aspect of White fungus cultivation in Chongqing. However, supported by agricultural department, mature White fungus technology was introduced and we took the lead in realizing the production pattern,” said principal of Chongqing Jifeng Mushroom Company warmly.

As the largest place of mushroom production within Chongqing City, mushroom consumption of Yongchuan District accounts for above 60% of that of Chongqing City.