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Artificial cultivation of Reishi mushroom yields a better tomorrow

2020-09-08 17:14:22

On September 8, in mushroom base of Tianyuan Town, Changning County, Yunnan Province of China, Reishi mushrooms are showing lovely and desirable growth trend, farmers are plunged into routine management work.
“Reishi mushroom is categorized into a kind of wood-rotting fungi. Now, the base absorbs 150 sheds that occupy 70 mu of area, and the expected gross production on Reishi mushroom spores powder could reach at least 30 tons while the anticipated production value could hit 3.5 million CNY. Next step, we plan to spread the artificial cultivation technology of Reishi mushroom to surrounding farmers, help drive them increase earnings and become affluent,” introduces owner of the base passionately, adding that Reishi mushrooms are aerobic, during the growth period of sporocarps, strong ventilation is undoubtedly needed. And, illumination is also indispensable on inducing the formation of sporocarps, growth of stipe and cap.