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  • Full-automatic Shiitake bagging production line gains good market feedback
    Recently, a full-automatic Shiitake bagging production line developed by Fujian Hannong Intelligent Equipment Co., LTD w

    2017-12-26 03:58:11/Read More

  • China’s first batch of robots intelligently catch one Shiitake in 0.8s
    According to related principal from Hubei Yuguo Gu Ye Co., LTD, not long ago, the companys 4 robots formally debuted for

    2017-11-01 04:17:57/Read More

  • New cultivation way of Enoki mushroom
    Homemade compost Cottonseed hull 84%, wheat bran 14%, gypsum 1%, monopotassium phosphate 0.2%, magnesium sulfate 0.25%,

    2016-07-18 08:44:21/Read More

  • Mushroom-stick epidermis protective agent
    Environment friendly mushroom companion(mushroom-stick epidermis protective agent) newly developed by Fujian Province Ti

    2016-07-15 10:05:17/Read More

  • Solid fermentation tank of mushroom production
    It is known that Xianmin Biology in Luoyang of Henan province developed solid fermentation tank, its working principle i

    2016-06-25 03:57:00/Read More


  • Mushroom-stick epidermis protective agent

    2016-07-15 10:05:17/Read More

  • The control of Green Mold during Oyster mushroom cultivation

    2017-03-14 16:44:45/Read More

  • Yunnan: Artificial Bolete were welcomed by customers in the mushroom fair

    2015-09-29 09:50:56/Read More

  • Six tips on increasing the yield of Oyster mushroom

    2016-11-01 15:39:25/Read More

  • Indoor cultivation method of Yellow morel

    2016-06-07 13:44:34/Read More

  • Artificial Cultivation Technology of Morel mushroom in China

    2018-11-27 16:21:24/Read More

  • Hunan: Chengbu Reishi was exported to southeast markets

    2015-09-09 09:01:23/Read More

  • Five mushroom varieties that are suitable for cultivation in hot summer

    2016-06-28 14:34:51/Read More