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Intellectualized mushroom production implies handsome profits

2019-03-04 15:54:18

Recently, in mushroom base located in Zhouying Town, Shenqiu County, Henan Province of China, Enoki mushrooms are in good growth trend.

“In general, traditional mushroom production is done in greenhouse, which indicates long growth period and low output. Nowadays, in our base, anniversary mushroom production could be actualized, which implies the innovation,” introduces Ms. Han Li, person in charge of the base passionately. “In order to guarantee the quality of mushroom, we accurately regulate and control a series of environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity and carbon dioxide from material-mixing, bagging, high-pressure sterilization, inoculation, cultivation and fruiting under the support of equipment.”

According to Ms. Han Li, in an Oyster mushroom greenhouse that covers 160 square meters, growth period is at 10-12 days, after mycelia become fully-grown in bags, buds appear 3-4 days after adjusting management parameters. After the fruiting, adjust management parameters again, and picking time arrives after 7 days. After the fruiting, be sure to timely clean the greenhouse and do the disinfection. A kind of cyclic growth like this can guarantee 35 times of cultivation per year, output on each period reaches 20,000 tons while gross incomes hit 500,000 CNY or so.