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By 2018, the expected gross mushroom output value hits 5.7 billion CNY in Guan’nan County

2018-12-13 15:58:41

On December 13, in Jiangsu Yuguan Industrial Garden managed by Jiangsu Yuguan Modern Agricultural Technology Co., LTD, workers are busy with mushroom picking.

Armed with full set of European-imported equipment and Dutch advanced production craft, the garden daily outputs 50 tons of fresh mushrooms. From January to November of 2018, export value on Button mushroom came to over 3 million USD in Yuguan Company.

Over the years, Guan’nan County, Jiangsu Province of China insists on the concept of technological innovation and quality agriculture, guides mushroom enterprises to accelerate the step of upgrading. By 2018, the expected gross mushroom output value is going to reach 5.7 billion CNY.

Guan’nan County owns a long history on aspect of mushroom cultivation. Over the years, Guan’nan County closely combines with local reality, seizes mushroom farming as the leading industry that optimizes industrial structure and promotes modern high-efficiency agriculture. Now, mushroom industry is leading the rapid growth trend in Guan’nan County, degree of industrialized mushroom clustering ranks first in China while output value is in amplification year by year. In 2017, gross output on fresh mushroom came to 580,000 tons and output value hit 5 billion CNY within Guan’nan County.