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Agaricus blazei cultivation is fattening poor households’ wallet

2020-09-04 17:19:11

On September 4, farmers living in Jiaojiajing Village, Shizong County of Yunnan Province are engaged with picking, sorting and packaging work of Agaricus blazei.
Known as Brazil mushroom, Agaricus blazei belongs to a kind of edible and medicinal mushroom which holds low production costs and promotes the circular operation mode of making waste profitable. Over the years, Jiaojiajing Village strengthens the development of Agaricus blazei industry, which helps exploit a prosperous path for farmers. 
“By 2020, the expected gross output on Agaricus blazei could reach 120 tons, annual output value could hit 960,000 CNY while the anticipated net profit is going to attain 380,000 CNY in our village. Agaricus blazei industry is undoubtedly fattening the wallet of poor rural households,” said head of Jiaojiajing Village excitedly.