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Mushroom industry drives the development of economy

2018-12-21 15:57:40

Recently, in standardized factory operated by Lianyungang Yinfeng Mushroom Technology Co., LTD, Seafood mushrooms are orderly in picking time.

“Industrialized mushroom production requires certain labor force on many links, 90% of which are unskilled and can be done by rural population. Now, there are 160 rural households engaging in mushroom industry in our company, for the diligent one, monthly salary usually reaches 3500-4000 CNY,” introduces Mr. Peng Renyong, general manager of Yinfeng Company.

As mushroom industry gets matured day by day in Lianyungang City, Jiangsu Province of China, more and more villages and towns are reaching for large-scale mushroom cultivation. By now, 43 mushroom cooperatives, over 70 mushroom enterprises have been built while over 30,000 population have been encouraged to launch into mushroom industry, annual output value hits over 5 billion CNY within the city.