• King oyster mushroom cultivation - control mosquitoes
    1. Reinforce the ventilation and penetrate the light. Mosquitoes massively happen under high temperature and high humidi

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  • How to control sundry fungi on Shiitake cultivation?
    In order to control sundry fungus contamination on Shiitake cultivation, you should moderately control the cultivation t

    2017-01-20 04:11:31/Read More

  • How to control mites in winter mushroom cultivation?
    Mites are probably inevitable during winter mushroom cultivation, which does terrible damages to the growth of mushroom.

    2017-01-19 04:00:30/Read More

  • Several measures to prevent mushroom frost damage in rainy and snowy day
    For general mushroom varieties, they are resistant to low temperature. But it brings about losses if you are not careful

    2017-01-18 04:31:04/Read More

  • The inappropriate condition in mushroom greenhouse -Too low humidity
    Have you ever noticed that the joint part of fungus cap and stipe presents rotten and brown? When touching the rotten pa

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  • The disease control of Enoki mushroom -Trichoderma
    Trichoderma is a kind of competitive sundry fungus which is common and destructive during the production process of fung

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  • Control mushroom diseases and pests through these methods
    1. Try to use ferment cultivation or mature material cultivation and control pest source. Ferment material should be app

    2017-01-11 04:36:52/Read More

  • The disease control of Enoki mushroom- Rhizopus
    Rhizopus is a kind of common sundry fungus, Rhizopus nigrican is the most common one. After getting infected by it, the

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  • The agricultural control methods on diseases and pests of mushroom
    For agricultural control methods of diseases and pests, You could go by the guideline that Prevention is worth a pound o

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  • Several skills on controlling mushroom malformation
    1. Choose the strains that have gotten succeeded in breeding. It is preventive to choose strains that hold unknown kind

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  • The natural pesticide -Garlic
    Garlic is a kind of natural pesticide which is extremely easy to obtain, its contained sulfur compounds hold obvious ant

    2017-01-06 04:08:42/Read More

  • The new tricks on controlling dead Button mushrooms
    1. Reasons: Continuous high temperature, poor ventilation, insufficient nutrient, improper watering and PH Value, aged s

    2017-01-05 04:19:02/Read More

  • The control methods on misshapen Monkey head mushrooms
    During the cultivation process of Monkey head mushroom, the phenomenons of hypogenetic sporocarps and malformed Monkey h

    2017-01-04 04:13:21/Read More

  • Found ways to control mites on mushroom cultivation
    Mites usually bite and eat mushroom spawns in the surrounding areas of fungus blocks, which makes it hard for spawns to

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  • How to remedy when finding Green Mold lives on mushroom sticks?
    1. Main reason: Halfway environmental sterilization, lax management, relative high temperature, high humidity and poor v

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  • Why mushrooms turn yellow?
    1. Reasons: A. Improper management and excessive water-spraying in low-temperature season. B. Too low temperature in gre

    2016-12-29 04:01:22/Read More

  • The control method of dead Button mushrooms
    1. Reason: Continuous high temperature, poor ventilation, insufficient nutrient, improper usage of water, aged spawns, i

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  • Early watch out mushroom withering
    1. When you take corncobs, wheat bran and straws as the main materials, be sure to additionally add 5% bran or 4% fermen

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  • The occurrence reason of Mushroom Bud on King oyster mushroom cultivation
    Mushroom Bud is one of misshapen mushrooms during the cultivation phase of King oyster mushroom, it is usually resulted

    2016-12-24 03:42:27/Read More

  • Shiitake Cultivation - learn to control Green Mold
    1. Symptom and the cause of disease: Green mold initially presents white in harm period, and in later harm period, it sh

    2016-12-23 04:17:18/Read More

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