• The disease control during Enoki mushroom cultivation - Neurospora
    Neurospora is also well known as Neurospora crassa. The most common varieties are Neurospora sitoohita and N.crassa. Neu

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  • How to guard against sundry fungi?
    High-temperature and high-humidity environment are obviously prominent during the cultivation period of Straw mushroom,

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  • The disinfection on Enoki mushroom house
    One day before utilizing cultivation room, you should fumigate and sterilize on it. The specific methods are as follows:

    2017-02-24 04:30:50/Read More

  • 8 control steps on diseases and pests of Black fungus cultivation
    1. Choose the strains which are high-yield and high-resistance. 2. Try to protect basswood bark and disinfect on section

    2017-02-23 04:22:52/Read More

  • How to handle when you observe “white hairs” appear on Oyster mushroom
    During the cultivation of Oyster mushroom, spawns probably become vigorous in growth tendency, meaning white and dense a

    2017-02-22 04:24:56/Read More

  • How to prevent the bacteria harm on King oyster mushroom
    There are large varieties of bacteria, among them, common bacterias are bacillus, Pseudomonas fluorescence and Erwina sp

    2017-02-21 04:21:24/Read More

  • The cause of withering on spawns during Straw mushroom cultivation
    In usual conditions, 12 hours after the sowing of Straw mushroom, strain blocks begin to bud and grow toward inside of t

    2017-02-20 04:18:02/Read More

  • The crucial behavior on Agrocybe cylindracea cultivation
    Currently, vertical cultivation is commonly applied on Agrocybe cylindracea, which emphasizes the fruiting in one side.

    2017-02-17 04:36:20/Read More

  • Stropharia rugosoannulata cultivation -Control sundry fungi
    Stropharia rugosoannulata is resistant to unfavorable conditions and easy to be cultivated. However, troublesome sundry

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  • The optimal methods on preventing mushroom diseases and pests
    Disease and pests are fatal as long as they appear during mushroom cultivation, therefore, you could prevent them in adv

    2017-02-16 04:25:50/Read More

  • Six Attentions and Precautions on spring Shiitake cultivation
    In spring, the temperature gradually rises. Temperature and humidity are all suitable for the growth and formation on sp

    2017-02-15 04:02:34/Read More

  • The control techniques on diseases and pests of Ganoderma
    During the cultivation period of Ganoderma, it is advisable to carry out the policy of Prevention first, supplement cont

    2017-02-14 04:24:56/Read More

  • Why Shiitake sticks don’t fruit?
    1. Improper colouring: For some sticks that are affected by strong illumination, too dry air or too frequent turn-over,

    2017-02-13 04:21:13/Read More

  • The diseases and pests control during the fruiting period of King oyster mushroom
    1. Yellow Rot Disease: Symptom: This kind of disease is usual during the initial stage of sporocarps, then spreads to th

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  • Green mold infection should be prevented in winter cultivation of Oyster mushroom
    During the cultivation process of Oyster mushroom, green mold is a common threat. With the increasing extending on annua

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  • The crucial aspects of controlling on Bamboo fungus cultivation
    Main pests on bamboo fungus are termite, mite and limax. To prevent termite, you could apply Mirex or 700 times of Phoxi

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  • The disease control on Enoki mushroom cultivation - Penicillium
    There are many varieties harming Enoki mushroom such as Penicllium funiculosam, P.chysogcrnum and P.cyclopium. The main

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  • Straw mushroom cultivation - note diseases and pests
    1. Mosquito control: Keep clean of mushroom house, cultivation field which should be set away from garbage heaps or rott

    2017-02-08 04:27:10/Read More

  • The control kernels on mushroom flies
    Mushroom flies which are common and strongly destructive do terrible damage on Pleurotus geesteranus and other mushrooms

    2017-02-07 04:13:23/Read More

  • Two methods on mite control in winter mushroom cultivation
    It is hard for mushroom farmers to avoid mites in winter. Mites do fatal damages to the growth of mushroom, you should c

    2017-02-06 04:18:30/Read More

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