• Six measures to eliminate diseases and pests during mushroom production
    1. Keep clean of mushroom house : Mushroom house should be thoroughly cleaned up before putting into utilization, mushro

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  • Eliminating Sundry fungus contamination is crucial for Oyster mushroom cultivation
    In spite of that Oyster mushroom holds strong resistance to sundry fungus contamination, the widespread adoption on raw-

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  • Black fungus cultivation: Controlling diseases and pests is vital
    1. Green Mold: After getting infected by Green Mold, white fiber spawns grow on fungi sacks, strain bottles, after a few

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  • How to eliminate cracks on Pleurotus nebrodensis?
    When the water content of fungus sack is below 50%, relative air humidity is below 80% or the illumination of mushroom g

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  • The diseases and pests control on Grifola frondosa
    During the cultivation period of Grifola frondosa, the most common diseases pests are Yellow Slime Mold, flies and othe

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  • Tricks to control diseases on mushroom cultivation
    The period from spring to winter is golden for mushroom cultivation, during this period, common diseases affecting the o

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  • The control method on Penicillium during Black fungus cultivation
    Excessive rainfall and insufficient illumination usually cause Penicillium. For the contaminated part, you should timely

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  • The control measures on toothed mushrooms
    Sporocarps lead normal growth tendency while the edge of fungus cap presents toothed and irregular status. The major rea

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  • The control kernels on White Rot Disease during mushroom cultivation
    1. Disease symptom: Contaminated mushrooms initially present brown tumors which gradually increase, then a layer of whit

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  • The youth reaps a bumper harvest of Morel and the mu production value reaches 50,000 CNY
    Recently, the Morels cultivated by the Mr. Wang in the end of last year have been fruiting in large areas. The anticipat

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  • The reason of lifeless mushrooms
    During the fruiting period of mushroom, affected by improper management or outside poor ventilation, tiny withered, yell

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  • The green control techniques on mushroom pests
    1. Enhance physical prevention: Keep mushroom house away from toilet, rubbish and manure pile. Before utilizing raw mate

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  • The disinfection knowledge on mushroom house
    Each season after utilizing mushroom house, you should thoroughly disinfect on fungus shelves, ground and walls of mushr

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  • Learn to comprehend the occurrence reasons and control measures of dead Button mushrooms
    1. Reason: Continuous high temperature, poor ventilation, insufficient nutrient, improper water usage, aged spawns, impr

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  • A crucial attention on Enoki mushroom cultivation
    Too high temperature of material and insufficient nutrition cause different length in stipes, relatively-coarse bottom w

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  • How to control mites on Pleurotus cornucopiae cultivation?
    1. Put an end to sources: Mites mainly come from grain warehouse, feed-processing building and chicken coop, hence, mush

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  • Strengthen the control on diseases and pests of mushroom
    1. The damage character of Gall Midge: The main damage period is during autumn, winter and spring, tiny pests bite and e

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  • Take actions to prevent pests on mushroom cultivation
    When conducting indoor cultivation, you could nail the windows, doors and air holes with 60 Mesh of thin gauze so as to

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  • Main nuisances on Oyster mushroom cultivation
    Pests are common enemies during the cultivation of Oyster mushroom, common type includes flies, mosquitoes, Nematode, Po

    2017-04-13 05:05:30/Read More

  • The big trouble on Straw mushroom cultivation - Black Mould
    The scientific name of Black Mould refers to Alternaria spp, it is one of common sundry fungi that can be found during t

    2017-04-12 05:16:29/Read More

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