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Five mushroom varieties that are suitable for cultivation in hot summer

2016-06-28 14:34:51

Mushroom that can be cultivated in hot summer includes:
Straw mushroom is a variety that can endure hot temperature. Suitable temperature for its hypha growth is 22℃~32℃, fruiting temperature is 24℃~35℃, it can grow between May and December. Cultivation materials include wheat straw, straw, cornstalk and fungus chaff for edible mushroom cultivation.
Ganoderma is a medicinal fungus that can relatively endure high temperature. Hypha growth temperature is 22℃~32℃, fruit body growth temprature is 18℃~35℃. It can grow between April and December.
Oyster mushroom has many varieties, some varieties that can endure high temperature can fruit normally under high temperature. At present promoted high temperature Oyster mushroom include Suyin number 6, Yare number 1, Fuyou number 1 and Gaowun number 1. But during production you should pay attention to disease prevention and insect prevention.
Suitable growth temperature for auricularia polytricha hypha is 22℃~28℃, fruit body growth temperature is 15℃~32℃. auricularia polytricha can grow normally under certain condition.
Coprinus comatus is a variety that can relatively endure high temperature. Fruiting temperature is 10℃~34℃, some varieties can endure high temperature that can fruit under over 25℃.
During high temperature period, edible mushroom producers in various places can choose suitable varieties according to local market demand and self cultivation technical level, strengthen management and improve mushroom growth benefit.