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Yunnan: Artificial Bolete were welcomed by customers in the mushroom fair

2015-09-29 09:50:56

Recently, the fresh Bolete of Hongzhen Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd were welcomed by customers in 2015 11th Kunming and pan-Asian International Agriculture Fair. Hongzhen is a large scale company with developing, producing, promoting and selling, devote to artificial cultivating rare wild mushrooms. This year, the company artificial cultivated out Bolete. It can produce 500 kilograms per day. Hongzhen company is the first to study out the artificial cultivation bolete, which become the leading position in the world. The products main sell to the markets and gourmet restaurants of Kunming, Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou. The artificial bolete has the similar minerals, protein, crude fat, amino acid and other elements to wild ones.