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Measures to hike the output of Eryngii mushroom

2020-03-10 16:50:16

CONTROL THE ENVIRONMENT: Try to control the environmental temperature in a growth range. In general, growth temperature of Eryngii mushroom is 6-25 degrees Celsius, mushroom bodies lead a tardy growth trend while holding dense texture, attractive color and lustre at 6-15 degrees Celsius.
MANAGEMENT DURING THE BUDDING PERIOD: First of all, in order to promote the growth of mushroom caps and inhibit the growth of stipes, then be sure to enhance the ventilation. Secondly, eliminate the frequency of watering, or it could result in darker cracks or stripes which dramatically affect the quality.
PICK MUSHROOMS AHEAD OF TIME: It is advisable to pick mushrooms 3-4 days ahead of time so that mushrooms are in white appearance.