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The control of Green Mold during Oyster mushroom cultivation

2017-03-14 16:44:45

Green Mold disturbs mushroom farmers during the spawn running period of Oyster mushroom. You could adhere to the philosophy of “Prevention first, integrated control.”
1. Choose and prepare the compost which is fresh, dry and free from mould, preferably dried for 2-3 days, then conduct thorough fermentation so that the majority of germs could be killed.
2. When you prepare materials, grasp several key factors on water content, carbon nitrogen ratio and PH Value, besides, you could also combine with certain amount of sterilizing agents such as lime water, Formaldehyde, Carbendazim and Capsaicine.
A. Water content: During the spawn running period, the preferred water content should be in a range of 65%-70%, when it exceeds 70%, the temperature is hard to be promoted so disease contamination is incident. Too low water content affects the growth of spawns and make it difficult to moisturize in later phase.
B. Carbon nitrogen ratio: Bran and bean cake are main nutritional sources of spawns. Spawns lead vain growth while Mould is incident when Nitrogen content is excessive. In general, the carbon nitrogen ratio in the formula of Oyster mushroom is 20 to 1.
C. PH Value: Mould is more pleased with Oyster mushroom so the PH Value on the cultivation material of Oyster mushroom should not be excessive and generally at 8. What’s more, PH Value gradually reduces along with the growth of mushroom spawns, which facilitates preventing Mould contamination.
3. The cultivation field should be thoroughly sterilized and free from pollution source such as chicken farm and hog house. You could smash on wall and ground with 3% of lime water, finally fumigate with the mixture of Formaldehyde and Potassium permanganate.
4. Choose age-appropriate strain: Too tender strain results in tardy growth of spawns while too old causes too fast fruiting. In a word, improper selection on strain will cause poor growth on spawns and affect the output, furthermore, poor growth on spawns facilitates the occurrence of Mould and finally brings about disaster.
5. Pay attention to the cultivation criteria such as temperature, humidity and oxygen content. Mould is more pleased with the environment that is high-temperature, high-humidity and poor-ventilated. During the spawn running period of Oyster mushroom, it is best to control the temperature under 14 degrees, control the relative air humidity in a range of 85%-95%, more importantly, be sure to frequently ventilate on mushroom house.
Once you find Green Mold Contamination during the spawn running period, be sure to inject lime water, Formaldehyde or other sterilizing agents. When you find same situation on sporocarps, you could dig the contaminated part out, bury it and finally dispose the part with 3% of lime water.