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Precautions when applying pesticides to control diseases and pests

2017-10-10 16:48:21

1. During the fruiting period, mushroom farmers should be careful with the employment of pesticides. It is prohibited to bring pesticides into contact with mushrooms or it may cause food contamination.
2. When you find that mushrooms distribute on fungus bed, be sure not to apply any pesticides that hold strong toxicity, pungent odour and long residual period.
3. When controlling diseases and pests, be sure to choose agents in accordance with various targets. For instance, DDVP holds fumigation and touch-out efficacy, it shows special effect to adult flies and springtails while manifesting poor killing-ability to mites. Octyl mercaptan refers to a kind of high-efficient, low-toxic, low-residual and organic phosphorus pesticide, in addition to showing special effect to springtails and flies, it is also efficient in killing mites.
4. Try to choose vegetative pesticides and microecologics such as Pyrethrum.
5. Protect the natural enemies and do not abuse chemical pesticides.