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White fungus cultivation: Control methods on diseases and pests

2017-06-01 17:01:03

1. Mites: Mites hold a variety of kinds, common two are Pyemotes and Acarid, the latter presents larger volume, white appearance, divided and pink shape. Cottonseed hull, wheat bran and strain mainly result in mites which eat and bite on spawns of White fungus and then contaminated spawns fail to bud. When you find mites during the fruiting period, rotten and misshapen output are unavoidable.
Control tricks:
A. Keep mushroom house away from stock house, clean up the surrounding areas of mushroom house.
B. Before you put fungus sacks into mushroom house, be sure to firstly disinfect to it.
C. When you find mites, prepare low-toxic and high-efficiency pesticides and then spray it to contaminated part, however, pesticides should be strictly prohibited during the growth period of sporocarps.
2. Mosquitoes: They usually occur during the fruiting period, go into wet part, harm spawns and result in rotten output.
Control tricks:
A. Keep good environmental sanitation and install gauze to the windows, doors and vents of mushroom house.
B. Trap and kill mosquitoes by black light lamp or place a basin of 0.1% DDVP solution under lamplight of mushroom house.
C. Fumigate with mosquito coil or naphthalene ball. 
3. Nematode: It presents pink color and is small in size meaning 1mm or so, however, it breeds quickly and could mature within 2-3 days. Nematode is mainly caused by substrate and water source and it emerges in large numbers under wet and non-ventilated condition. After getting contaminated, the edge of White fungus becomes rot.
Control tricks: Conduct thorough sterilization to compost, strictly enhance the ventilation of mushroom house and detect the water source.