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Mushroom Cultivation: Kernels to eliminate diseases and pests

2017-10-19 16:47:14

1. Lay emphasis on governance production environment: Build mushroom house in the place where owns superior environmental condition and is free from the sources of diseases and pests, besides, be sure to enhance environmental health of inside and outside of mushroom house. Operators should also wear work clothes, hats and masks before entering in.
2. Strictly grasp at the disinfection work of mushroom house: Before you put fungus sacks into mushroom house, firstly fumigate with medicament. Before mushroom cultivation, firstly expose mushroom house and tools under the blazing sun for disinfection, what’s more, cultivation wastes should also be removed in time.
3. Strengthen the management of mushroom house: Through the regulation to temperature, humidity, ventilation, illumination and other conditions, farmers should create the environment which fits for the growth of mushroom while going against the position for pests and sundry fungi. In addition, you could trap and kill pests by installing black light lamp or the Phototaxis of pests.
4. Strictly control and apply chemical drugs: When you have to apply chemical drugs, be sure to choose the one that is high-efficient, low-toxic and low residue. Most importantly, be sure to inhibit chemical drugs during the fruiting period of mushroom.