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Control kernel on mites during Shiitake cultivation

2017-07-31 16:50:05

Mites include spider mite and mushroom lice which mainly hide in fodder, animal manure and substrate. Besides, they can be found in chicken coop, animal house, grain greenhouse and other occasions that hold poor environmental condition and abundant humus. Mites are tiny, they eat and bite spawns and sporocarps of Shiitake and are usually ignored during initial occurrence period, but when they break out, great disaster could be leaded to.
The most effective control kernel: Do a great job on the environmental sanitation of cultivation room.
For the cultivation room that was once infected by mites, cultivators could repeatedly fumigate it with DDVP before putting it into use again. During the cultivation period of spawns, 500 times of Propargite shows considerable anti-mite effect. Most importantly, pesticides should be strictly averted during the cultivation period of sporocarps, or mushroom bodies are easy to be contaminated, which eventually harms human beings after the consumption.