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The occurrence reason of rotten Shiitake sticks

2017-06-02 14:18:29

A. Improper preparation on compost, uneven material-mixing, excessive additives such as urea, superphosphate, gypsum and lime.
B. Poor ventilation, high concentration of Carbon dioxide and insufficient Oxygen in cultivation room are main causes which influence the growth of mushroom spawns.
C. Long-time high temperature which exceeds the suitable temperature range of Shiitake in cultivation room.
D. Direct sunlight to mushroom sticks, strong ultraviolet ray burns spawns in mushroom bags, part of mushroom bags secrete yellow water and further affect the ventilation.
E. Too high humidity in fruiting environment, too-high water temperature when moisturizing and excess water supplement, poor ventilation in high-temperature weather.
F. Not-timely root-clean after mushroom picking, unskilled mushroom pickers take down a large piece of compost when picking mushrooms, which results in the damage on spawns. After you spray water, it will be easier for spawns to breed mildew and result in rotten stick.