• Button mushrooms are largely coming into season
    Recent days, Button mushrooms produced in Shandong Dashanhe Mushroom Technology Co., LTD are entering into picking seaso

    2017-11-22 03:56:07/Read More

  • Mushroom strains produced from the company gain growers’ popularity
    For successive days, a busy scene has been vividly shown in Henan Hongfeng Mushroom Co., LTD, mushroom growers and clien

    2017-11-21 04:06:04/Read More

  • Bud-pressing on industrialized bag-mode Enoki mushroom cultivation
    Under the comprehensive influence of light, temperature, water, air and other factors, bud-emergence is pushed on surfac

    2017-11-20 04:03:52/Read More

  • Giant butterfly-shaped Ganoderma might draw your eyes
    Not long ago, a giant Ganoderma was found on a withered tree stump in Yaxi Town, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province of China

    2017-11-17 04:08:47/Read More

  • Trial spring and winter Shiitake cultivation is fiercely on the march
    Recently, work of stick-arrangement done by Beijing Changping Vegetable Technical Promotion Station has been completed,

    2017-11-16 04:10:07/Read More

  • Construction standard of Button mushroom house
    1. External construction: Standardized mushroom house that holds east-west trend is ideal, interval between mushroom hou

    2017-11-15 04:42:55/Read More

  • Black fungus cultivation points out a well-off future
    On 5th, Nov, trial Black fungus cultivation carried out in Qingxi Village, Tianzhu County, Guizhou Province of China rea

    2017-11-14 04:18:16/Read More

  • Fangshan District of Beijing: Trial Morel cultivation is in smooth progress
    Recently, relied on innovative team resources of mushroom industry, Fangshan District of Beijing launched trial Morel cu

    2017-11-13 04:21:02/Read More

  • Management kernels on bag-mode King oyster mushroom cultivation
    1. Temperature: Temperature of mushroom house directly affects the formation of primordia and growth of sporocarps. Duri

    2017-11-10 04:21:04/Read More

  • Hebei Province of China: Shiitakes are coming into season in large quantities
    7th of Oct is the start of winter among twenty-four solar terms. In China, mushroom growers are seizing the time to do g

    2017-11-09 04:20:29/Read More

  • This mushroom factory generates annual profits of over 10 million CNY
    In 2013, a stone workshop in Tongluo Mountain, Linxi City, Shandong Province of China was ordered to halt the production

    2017-11-09 08:57:15/Read More

  • Anhui Province of China: Wild King Ganodermas were found
    Recently, wild Ganodermas were found in deep mountains and forests where hold over 1000 meters of altitude. According to

    2017-11-07 04:19:58/Read More

  • Technical training of Morel cultivation was implemented
    Recently, Comprehensive Experimental Mushroom Station of Fangshan District, Beijing City of China organized an on-site t

    2017-11-06 04:19:34/Read More

  • Key matters on acceleration of the third flush of Enoki mushroom
    1. Clean the surface of materials so as to eliminate sundry fungus contamination caused by waste mushroom roots. 2. Let

    2017-11-03 04:21:27/Read More

  • Giant wild mushrooms that hold nearly 1 meter of height were found
    On 22nd of October, a cluster of giant mushrooms were surprisingly found beside the forest by a villager of Tengyue Town

    2017-11-02 04:18:39/Read More

  • Mushroom picking appeals to customers
    Now, in mushroom greenhouse of Shengbao Guwu Specialized Cooperative, rows of mushroom sticks are leading satisfactory g

    2017-10-31 04:50:05/Read More

  • Mushrooms should be removed into house during cold days
    Mushrooms are sensitive to temperature variation, apart from Straw mushroom, suitable temperature range for mycelia grow

    2017-10-30 04:54:41/Read More

  • Anticipated output value of mushroom attains nearly 1 million CNY by the end of 2017
    For recent years, Huaxi District, Guizhou Province of China has been fiercely promoting under-forest mushroom industry a

    2017-10-28 04:51:31/Read More

  • Cultivation time of White Enoki mushroom
    White Enoki mushroom belongs to low-temperature type variety, temperature range on growth of mycelia is at 18-20 degrees

    2017-10-27 04:51:48/Read More

  • Mushroom cultivation implemented in corn field is economic and environmental
    As one of technical staffs in Academy of Agricultural Sciences of Jilin Province of China, Mr. Liu Zhenqin raised the id

    2017-10-26 04:49:36/Read More

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  • Yunnan: Artificial Bolete were welcomed by customers in the mushroom fair

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  • Hunan: Chengbu Reishi was exported to southeast markets

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  • The control methods on Green Mold of mushroom cultivation

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