• Environmental conditions on Coprinus comatus cultivation
    Coprinus comatus is known as Shaggy mane, it is a kind of rare mushroom artificially developed in China and holds abunda

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  • Biological characteristics and production management of Liusong mushroom
    Liusong mushroom(柳松菇)is a kind of new variety isolated and domesticated from wild mushroom in China, the variety sh

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  • Cultivation season and fruiting management of Coprinus comatus
    1. Cultivation Season: Coprinus comatus is a kind of Grass-rot Faecal Fungus which holds strong adaptability, and it is

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  • Situation on Production & Sales Market and Export Trade of Shiitake Mushroom in China
    In China, production and marketing of Shiitake mushroom is transformed by cultivation season. For example, in Southern C

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  • Different raw materials play diverse roles on Shiitake cropping
    1. Lignin and Cellulose contained in sawdust are categorized into Polysaccharides, sawdust provides carbon element requi

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  • Mushroom industry twinkles in Guan’nan County, Jiangsu Province of China
    All the time, Guannan County holds a long history on aspect of mushroom cultivation. Over the years, Guannan County clos

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  • Matters needing attention on storage of mushroom spawn
    Storage and preservation of mushroom spawn plays a different purpose and significance. The purpose of preserving mushroo

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  • Under-forest Oyster mushroom production and development technology
    FOREWORD: Along with the enhancement of peoples living standard, the diet idea of One Meat, One Vegetable and One Mushro

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  • Biological characteristics of Agrocybe cylindracea and formulas of substrate
    Agrocybe cylindracea carries tender taste, abundant nutrition and it is one of the well-known mushroom varieties preferr

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  • Artificial cultivation technology of Reishi mushroom in greenhouse
    Growth conditions: Reishi mushroom is categorized into Wood-rotting Fungi, regarding its artificial cultivation, recomme

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  • Measures to control Green Mold during Oyster mushroom cropping
    Green Mold is one of the most serious diseases that harm the output of Oyster mushroom, it mainly occurs on bulk bags wh

    2018-08-31 04:04:40/Read More

  • How to control the fruiting time of King oyster mushroom?
    Known as Pleurotus eryngii, King oyster mushroom gains popularity by general customers and holds bright development pros

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  • Growth Conditions on 10 Mushroom Varieties (Part Two)
    6. STRAW MUSHROOM: MYCELIA: Suitable temperature range is 15-45 degrees Celsius and the optimal condition is 35 degrees

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  • Growth Conditions on 10 Mushroom Varieties (Part One)
    1. WHITE FUNGUS: SPORES: Mycelia form at 15-32 degrees Celsius, the optimal range is 22-24 degrees Celsius. MYCELIA: Env

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  • Mushrooms which fit for autumn and winter cultivation
    1. OYSTER MUSHROOMS: Oyster mushrooms own different varieties, including low-temperature type, medium-temperature type a

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  • Growth requirement on 5 mushroom varieties
    1. King oyster mushroom (Pleurotus eryngii): During the period of spawn running, the preferred temperature is 24 degrees

    2018-08-16 04:21:12/Read More

  • Four Ways to Control Withered Buds and Breathless Mushrooms on Shiitake Growing
    1. Control temperature and humidity, prevent mushrooms from dying of frost and dryness: In Autumn Shiitake growing, afte

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  • Mushoom production is in flourishing development in Sinkiang Yonghua Biotechnology Co., LTD
    Recently, in mushroom production and processing base built and managed by Sinkiang Yonghua Biotechnology Co., LTD, King

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  • Three kernels on Black fungus cultivation
    1. Cultivation site: select the site where is exposed to the sun, convenient in drainage, lee and ventilated. Besid

    2018-08-01 04:13:45/Read More

  • Basic requirements on cultivation management of organic mushroom
    1. Site selection and control: select cultivation site where is free from crop field, chemical plant, hospital, dum

    2018-07-30 04:18:05/Read More

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