• Go after the five steps on Oyster mushroom cultivation
    1. Eliminate any cultivation field where is shady, poor-ventilated or insanitary, before the cultivation, firstly brush

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  • The management kernels of mushroom in Spring
    In spring, the temperature recovers speedily while it remains unstable condition, according to the characteristics, you

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  • Salt facilitates boosting the output of Oyster mushroom
    During Oyster mushroom cultivation, applying carbendazim manifests considerable effect on sundry fungi prevention while

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  • The skills on water supplement during the process of mushroom cultivation
    For many varieties, the water content in fungus sack decreases after passing the first flush of mushroom. When the water

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  • Several skills to hike the yield of Oyster mushroom
    1. Spray soybean milk: Soak and grind 1kg of soybean, then combine with 50kg of water and bring into a boil. After cooli

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  • Two materials used for Monkey head mushroom cultivation
    1. Strain selection: Choose superior strains which hold strong viability, neat appearance, fast growth speed and strong

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  • Why Oyster mushrooms are in poor growth tendency?
    1. Improper temperature of environment and material: Ill-suited range of fruiting temperature gives rise to the normal m

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  • The key move before you conduct indoor cultivation of Oyster mushroom
    Before you cultivate mushrooms in greenhouse, be sure to strictly conduct the sterilization. The followings are three me

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  • How to pick superior Oyster mushrooms for a yummy dinner?
    1. Choose Oyster mushrooms which hold the diameter of 5-8cm and the stipe length of 4-7cm. 2. Choose those that are not

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  • Joining gypsum powder contributes to production augmentation
    When you prepare substrate, combine with 5%-20% raw gypsum powder and moderate water to reach the water content of 62%-6

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  • The spring cultivation of King oyster mushroom -hike the output
    1. Control the environment: Try to control the environmental temperature in a growth range of 6-25 degrees, and mushroom

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  • Highly-recommended compost formulas on King oyster mushroom cultivation
    King oyster mushroom belongs to medium-temperature variety, in natural situations, it could be cultivated in spring and

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  • Plant ash hastens the growth of Oyster mushroom
    In raw-material cultivation of Oyster mushroom, combining with moderate plant ash to compost does good to its growth ten

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  • Grasp key cultivation technology and harvest more Button mushrooms in spring
    When the temperature is stable at above 10 degrees, you should moderately transfer water and conduct the fruiting manage

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  • Corn kernels could be utilized to make Oyster mushroom strains
    Corn kernels contain abundant nutrition, utilizing them to make the strains of Oyster mushroom holds many virtues such a

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  • The sterilization technique on greenhouse after pests happen
    In spring and summer season, pests are ubiquitous, the unique smell of mushroom substrate draws pests. When you find pes

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  • The measures on output stimulation of King oyster mushrooms
    1. Control the environment: Try to maintain the environmental temperature in a range of 6-25 degrees, mushroom bodies re

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  • How to manage when Enoki mushrooms are in discordant growth tendency
    This kind of phenomenon is mostly resulted from improper management during the fruiting period, the followings are consi

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  • The environmental formation condition of Flower mushroom
    Flower mushroom is the top grade among Shii-take, it is a kind of superior misshapen mushroom formed under special condi

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  • The management during the fruiting period of King oyster mushroom
    1. Temperature control: The temperature range is narrow during the formation period of sporocarps and growth period of K

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