• Several methods on inducement of Oyster mushrooms
    During the cultivation period of Oyster mushroom, in some cases, after fungus sacks become fully-grown, they refuse to f

    2017-05-22 03:20:18/Read More

  • Summer Oyster mushroom cultivation: Lay emphasis on the two vital conditions
    In some cases, the death phenomenon of tiny mushroom usually happens after the fruiting when you cultivate Oyster mushro

    2017-05-20 03:20:20/Read More

  • The management kernels of Shiitake during the fruiting period between May and July
    1. The climate characteristics from May and June are high temperature in daytime, low temperature at night and low relat

    2017-05-20 09:19:24/Read More

  • Shiitake cultivation: learn about the season arrangement
    Sooner rather than later is applied in winter cultivation and spring cultivation of Shiitake. In general, the superior i

    2017-05-18 04:57:06/Read More

  • King oyster mushroom cultivation: Follow 3 steps to obtain high output
    1. Cultivation season: King oyster mushrooms pertain to medium and partial low temperature mushroom variety and normally

    2017-05-17 05:05:12/Read More

  • Found ways to hike the production of Oyster mushroom
    1. Earthing: When spawns are fully-grown in compost, mushroom farmers could cover 1cm depth of sandy soils on mushroom b

    2017-05-17 10:22:52/Read More

  • The temperature control and method during the bud-acceleration period of Shiitake
    During the bud-acceleration period of Shiitake, certain temperature difference, scattered light and air fit for the diff

    2017-05-15 04:49:02/Read More

  • High mushroom output has been shown via nutritive water
    After you pick the first flush of mushroom, you could prepare a nutritive water with 5kg water, 100 pieces of Vitamin B,

    2017-05-13 05:00:04/Read More

  • Bottle-cultivation technology of White fungus
    1. The preparation of substrate: A. Formula: 50kg sawdust, 15kg bran or rice bran, 1kg gypsum, 0.75kg cane sugar, 1kg so

    2017-05-12 04:59:54/Read More

  • Potato juice contributes to high mushroom yield
    Firstly wash and peel potato, then squeeze potato juice, dilute for 25-30 times, after mushroom spawns become fully-grow

    2017-05-10 04:56:26/Read More

  • The several aspects needing attentions on Shiitake moisturizing
    When moisturizing on Shiitake sacks, you should look out the following aspects: 1. Amount: After picking the first flush

    2017-05-10 09:25:37/Read More

  • Suitable mushroom varieties during high-temperature phase
    1. Straw mushroom: Straw mushrooms are resistant to high temperature, the superior growth temperature on spawns is 22-32

    2017-05-09 08:36:51/Read More

  • The storage technique of fresh Oyster mushrooms
    Temperature and air humidity mostly affect the storage time of fresh Oyster mushrooms under room temperature, they could

    2017-05-06 04:57:47/Read More

  • The management during the fruiting period of Monkey head mushroom
    1. Adjust the temperature: During the fruiting period, the optimal temperature range is 16-20 degrees, under suitable te

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  • How to utilize corn kernels to make mushroom strain?
    Corn kernels hold abundant nutrition, the strain made of them holds early spawn-running feasibility, quick absorption, s

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  • The management techniques during the fruiting period of Button mushroom
    1. Control temperature and humidity: Mushroom fruiting usually occurs 20 days after the earthing, under that circumstanc

    2017-05-03 04:59:28/Read More

  • The growth conditions needed for Coprinus comatus
    1. Nutrition: Carbon Source, Xylose, Glucose, Galactose, Maltose, Raffinose, Mannose, Amylum, Cellulose and Paraffin are

    2017-05-02 05:08:29/Read More

  • The fruiting management of Pholiota nameko in autumn
    1. Clean up mushroom greenhouse: 3 to 4 days before setting stacks, you could disinfect the ground of greenhouse with qu

    2017-05-02 11:02:26/Read More

  • The hinge of sterilization should be strictly handled on Enoki mushroom production
    Mushroom farmers maybe feel surprised or not surprised that sterilization is one of the key moves on Enoki mushroom prod

    2017-04-27 04:56:43/Read More

  • What to note when applying Carbendazim?
    Carbendazim holds the advantages of wide, evident and long sterilization effect. However, during actual production, some

    2017-04-27 08:39:24/Read More

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  • Yunnan: Artificial Bolete were welcomed by customers in the mushroom fair

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