• The cultivation skills on Pleurotus nebrodensis
    Sunlight greenhouse is the preferred place for Pleurotus nebrodensis cultivation. You could uncover the plastic film and

    2017-01-21 01:15:35/Read More

  • The kernels on Enoki mushroom cultivation
    1. Temperature: Enoki mushroom falls under with fruiting performance under low temperature. Spawns grow under 3-34 degre

    2017-01-20 04:01:42/Read More

  • How to prepare the fruiting formulas of Pleurotus nebrodensis?
    Here are three formulas for reference: A. 90% cottonseed hull, 5% corn flour, 2% gypsum, 1% sugar, 2% quick lime B. 40%

    2017-01-19 03:59:01/Read More

  • The nutritive values are hidden in Monkey head mushroom
    Monkey head mushroom (Hericium erinaceus/ lions mane) is a kind of rare edible mushroom which doubles as medicinal mushr

    2017-01-18 04:32:56/Read More

  • The high-yield cultivation technology of Shiitake
    1. Cultivation method: Shadehouses and fruit-bearing forests are always regarded as desirable fruiting venues, as shiita

    2017-01-17 04:22:07/Read More

  • The cultivation technology of Pleurotus geesteranus
    Season arrangement: Pleurotus geesteranus is generally cultivated in spring and autumn in accordance with actual climate

    2017-01-16 04:25:00/Read More

  • The bag cultivation method of King oyster mushroom
    When finding that the spawns of King oyster mushroom have become fully grown, you could ensure certain temperature and h

    2017-01-11 04:35:59/Read More

  • Black fungus cultivation -corncob
    1. Smash and blanch materials: Smash fresh and clean corncobs with the pulverizer, put into the pot and give a quick boi

    2017-01-10 03:49:48/Read More

  • The efficacy and effects of Enoki mushroom
    1. Abundant amino acid which facilitates promoting and enhancing intelligence development, improving memory ability. 2.

    2017-01-09 04:29:01/Read More

  • The cultivation technology of Coprinus comatus
    Coprinus comatus doubles as Shaggy cap, it is a kind of medium-temperature, constant-temperature and large-sized edible

    2017-01-07 11:35:22/Read More

  • Learn to arrange the season on Shiitake cultivation
    Sooner rather than later is applied in winter and spring Shiitake cultivation. In general, the superior inoculation and

    2017-01-06 04:07:33/Read More

  • How to dry Enoki mushrooms?
    Ingredients: fresh Enoki mushrooms, sugar, salt, onion segments, Sichuan pepper, aginomoto, citric acid Instructions: 1.

    2017-01-05 04:16:09/Read More

  • Overgrowth on spawns should be prevented in Straw mushroom cultivation
    During the cultivation phase of Straw mushroom, the phenomenons such as overgrowth on spawns and the fungus bed is cover

    2017-01-04 04:11:38/Read More

  • The cultivation method of Seafood mushroom
    At present, the main cultivation methods are Bottle cultivation and Bag cultivation, you could utilize the present mushr

    2017-01-03 04:12:26/Read More

  • The mysteries in Agaricus subrufescens
    1. Characteristic: Agaricus subrufescens is also known as Agaricus blazei murill. It is native to Brazil. Actually, Agar

    2016-12-30 11:14:45/Read More

  • The picking techniques of Oyster mushroom
    Improper picking method of Oyster mushroom tends to break the their appearance and affect the next flush of fresh produc

    2016-12-29 04:00:31/Read More

  • What to accomplish if you want to increase the yield of Flower mushroom?
    Flower mushroom carries the biological characteristic of Fruit under variable temperature. You could artificially conduc

    2016-12-28 04:00:38/Read More

  • The technical points on the mushroom cultivation management in winter
    A. Raise the temperature of fungus bed and create the favorable conditions: The natural temperature in winter goes again

    2016-12-27 03:52:33/Read More

  • How to cultivate and manage Pholiota nameko?
    1. Reasonably determine cultivation time: Pholiota nameko belongs to low-temperature type, during the growth phase of sp

    2016-12-24 03:46:39/Read More

  • The management during the fruiting period of greenhouse Oyster mushroom
    During the fruiting period of Oyster mushroom, relative air humidity should be kept in a range of 80%-90%, fruiting peri

    2016-12-23 04:18:13/Read More

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