• Growth requirement on 5 mushroom varieties
    1. King oyster mushroom (Pleurotus eryngii): During the period of spawn running, the preferred temperature is 24 degrees

    2018-08-16 04:21:12/Read More

  • Four Ways to Control Withered Buds and Breathless Mushrooms on Shiitake Growing
    1. Control temperature and humidity, prevent mushrooms from dying of frost and dryness: In Autumn Shiitake growing, afte

    2018-08-14 04:07:55/Read More

  • Mushoom production is in flourishing development in Sinkiang Yonghua Biotechnology Co., LTD
    Recently, in mushroom production and processing base built and managed by Sinkiang Yonghua Biotechnology Co., LTD, King

    2018-08-03 04:07:27/Read More

  • Three kernels on Black fungus cultivation
    1. Cultivation site: select the site where is exposed to the sun, convenient in drainage, lee and ventilated. Besid

    2018-08-01 04:13:45/Read More

  • Basic requirements on cultivation management of organic mushroom
    1. Site selection and control: select cultivation site where is free from crop field, chemical plant, hospital, dum

    2018-07-30 04:18:05/Read More

  • Notices on introduction of mushroom strain
    As same as other crops, mushoom also requires pure and superior strain, quality of mushoom strain directly affects the s

    2018-07-26 04:13:34/Read More

  • Outlet on China’s mushroom deep processing
    Mushroom farming is considered as The Third Agriculture in China. Along with the constant enhancement of its personal va

    2018-07-24 04:13:42/Read More

  • Storage and processing technique of fresh Shiitake
    1. Exhaust of moisture: Just-picked fresh Shiitakes are in high water content. Before the packing, storage and transport

    2018-07-20 04:03:38/Read More

  • Cyclic utilization mode on mushroom growing
    1. Remain wastes from the cultivation of Enoki, King oyster mushroom and Pleurotus nebrodensis, add a certain amount of

    2018-07-18 04:43:43/Read More

  • Three key problems on fruiting management of Pleurotus geesteranus
    1. In mushroom house, status of ventilation and water-spraying should be flexibly regulated by weather. When enhancing t

    2018-07-17 08:55:22/Read More

  • How to reduce the malformation rate on the first flush of Shiitake?
    1. Decline any unknown Shiitake strain, and choose strain which has been domesticated or successfully breeded. 2. Reason

    2018-07-12 04:08:43/Read More

  • Premature senility on mushroom growing
    1. In the case of main raw materials such as corncob, wheat straw and straw, growers could add moderate bran or fermente

    2018-07-05 03:53:03/Read More

  • 4 Factors Which Result in Low Output on Shiitake Growing
    1. Improper selection on cultivation site: It is necessary for growers to keep cultivation site away from dark, poorly-v

    2018-06-29 02:27:29/Read More

  • Cultivation technology of organic mushroom in China
    Suitable temperature for germination of mushroom spores and the growth of mycelia is at a range of 20-30 degrees Celsius

    2018-06-27 04:03:45/Read More

  • Six ways to guarantee the bumper output of Button mushroom
    1. Input sufficient substrate: Growth of Button mushroom requires sufficient nutritional basis. In order to acquire high

    2018-06-25 04:00:52/Read More

  • Four Measures to Boost Black Fungus Growing
    1. select a good site: Before the cultivation, thoroughly clear the site up so as to eliminate the sources of disea

    2018-06-22 05:21:55/Read More

  • Apple residues are of use on mushroom growing
    Apples contain abundant nutrients and they are a good substrate which highlights low cost, good taste, fat yield and con

    2018-06-20 03:57:43/Read More

  • Mushroom cultivation carried out via peat is fiery-hot in Japan
    Substrate is prepared by 20%-30% of peat, and grain which contains fat (All are dry matters). Before the cultivation, cu

    2018-06-19 03:53:44/Read More

  • Deep processing technology on pickled Oyster mushrooms
    1. Boiling: In a wok filled with boiling water, drop in fresh Oyster mushrooms and maintain the heat for 7-10 minut

    2018-06-14 04:04:30/Read More

  • 8 Development Trends on China’s Mushroom Production
    1. Multi-vatieties trend: Now, there are nearly 20 mushroom varieties being cultivated in large scale in China, and up t

    2018-06-12 03:53:33/Read More

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