• Master these essentials to boost the output of mushroom
    1. Temperature stimulation: During the formation period of sporocarps of Oyster mushroom, you could give 7-12 degrees of

    2017-02-27 04:04:24/Read More

  • Learn to prepare a solution to boost the yield of mushroom
    1. Proportion: 1% naphthylacetic acid, 14% boric acid, 20% Zinc sulfate, 26% magnesium sulfate, 39% starch 2. Preparatio

    2017-02-25 04:04:38/Read More

  • Oyster mushroom - accelerate the speed of fruiting
    Although Oyster mushrooms are not accustomed to temperature variation, the budding speed is quicker under certain temper

    2017-02-24 04:31:59/Read More

  • Learn to grasp the technology during the key period of Agrocybe cylindracea cultivation
    1. Temperature: 20-22 degrees. 2. Relative air humidity: 60%-70%. 3. The temperature of material: 22-25 degrees. 4. The

    2017-02-23 04:21:31/Read More

  • The nutritional value on Termitomyces
    1. Termitomyces increases appetiate, holds particular benefits on strengthening the spleen and stomach. 2. Termitomyces

    2017-02-22 04:22:39/Read More

  • The high-yield cultivation technology of Monkey head mushroom
    1. Field selection: Choose the field where holds considerable ecology environment and fine water quality, free from haza

    2017-02-21 04:23:29/Read More

  • Spraying rare-earth liquid facilitates promoting the growth of Enoki mushroom
    During the cultivation period of Enoki mushroom, spraying rare-earth liquid on fungus bed facilitates promoting the grow

    2017-02-20 04:16:30/Read More

  • Found ways to boost the yield of Oyster mushroom
    1. Temperature stimulation: During the formation period of sporocarps on Oyster mushroom, you could give 7-12 degrees of

    2017-02-17 04:35:07/Read More

  • Another raw material for Oyster mushroom cultivation
    Biogas residue owns comprehensive nutrient, loose texture, good performance on preserving soil moisture and moderating P

    2017-02-17 04:22:49/Read More

  • The new utilization ways of peanut shell
    1. Cultivate mushroom: Smash fresh peanut shell, after the disinfection and sterilization, put into plastic bags and ino

    2017-02-16 04:27:18/Read More

  • Seven control methods on Green Mold
    1. Lower the temperature and humidity in mushroom house, strengthen the ventilation, cover the infected part with plant

    2017-02-15 04:05:41/Read More

  • Try the three kernels if you want to harvest more king oyster mushrooms in spring
    1. Control the environment: Try to control the environmental temperature in a growth range, the growth temperature of Ki

    2017-02-14 04:23:17/Read More

  • The fruiting period of Oyster mushroom in greenhouse - Look out the management
    During the fruiting period of Oyster mushroom, you could keep relative air humidity in a range of 80%-90%, the fruiting

    2017-02-13 04:22:44/Read More

  • The substrate formulas of Black fungus
    The raw materials formulas of bag-cultivated Black fungus are as follows: 1. 60% Broad-leaved tree sawdust, 28% rice hul

    2017-02-10 04:02:48/Read More

  • The key points on Shiitake cultivation
    1. Formula: A. Sawdust 78%, bran 20%, sucrose 1%, gypsum powder 1%. B. Cottonseed hull 80%, bran 18%, sucrose 1%, gypsum

    2017-02-10 10:44:58/Read More

  • Oyster mushroom cultivation - ensure the success
    1. Appropriate site: It is advisable to choose the cultivation site where holds desirable ventilation and certain scatte

    2017-02-10 10:41:56/Read More

  • The efficient methods on winter mushroom management
    Along with the decrease of temperature, the growth of mushroom spawns and sporocarps become slow, the respiration intens

    2017-02-09 04:25:59/Read More

  • The virtues exist in Shiitake
    1. Delay senescence: The water extract of Shiitake owns scavenging action to Hydrogen peroxide and the elimination actio

    2017-02-08 04:25:38/Read More

  • Found ways to harvest more mushrooms in spring
    1. Change temperature and hasten mushrooms: Control the inner temperature of greenhouse in a range of 15-28 degrees, unc

    2017-02-07 04:15:20/Read More

  • The spawn running technology of Agrocybe cylindracea
    1. Temperature: 20-22 degrees. 2. Relative air humidity: 60%-70%. 3. The temperature of material: 22-25 degrees. 4. The

    2017-02-06 04:16:43/Read More

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