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Soilless Substrate Cultivation of Morel mushroom gains fruitful results

2019-04-27 17:15:41

Recently, Morel mushrooms cultivated in Chongqing Xinjiyuan Agricultural Development Co., LTD are in orderly and desirable growth tendency.

“The Soilless Substrate Cultivation of Morel mushroom has gotten succeeded in our company, and we wholly take charge of it from Culture Preparation to Field Sowing and Field Management, mu output reaches up to 660 kg while mu output value comes to over 50,000 CNY,” introduces general manager of Xinjiyuan Company warmly, going on that now, the company holds two production lines of mushroom culture, and a mushroom base that covers over 6000 mu.

Founded in 2015, Chongqing Xinjiyuan Agricultural Development Co., LTD engages in cultivation and spawn R&D of Morel mushroom, trading services of Master Culture of Morel mushroom and fresh Morel mushroom. By now, it has raised 5 million CNY of investment on construction of mushroom production line which daily outputs 60,000 nutrient bags.

Over the years, the company takes “Relying on agricultural industrial chain” as the principal, leads the transformation of traditional agriculture by the innovative thinking of combination of ecological, green, sightseeing agriculture and modern agriculture.

China is the large agricultural country, during the whole economic system, agriculture also plays a decisive role. 

Nowadays, with the development of modernization, and the popularization of Internet, consumers are waking up to the importance of food safety. In recent years, China has unveiled a series of policies regarding agricultural development, especially on green and health food.

In recent years, Morel mushroom cultivation which shows high profit and risk goes viral in China. In order to explore artificial cultivation technology of Morel mushroom, technical staffs working in Xinjiyuan Company went into the deep mountains and forests to observe and know about the growth habit and environment of wild Morel mushroom without fear of hardships and dangers. After unremitting efforts, the company finally made it. 

As one of the most valuable rare mushrooms in the world, Morel mushroom also pertains to a kind of high-end nourishment which contains abundant proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and over 20 kinds of amino acids. 

Morel mushrooms carry unique fragrance, complete functions and evident effect on food therapy. This kind of mushroom holds the efficacy of tonifying kidney and brain, refreshing while it shows good auxiliary therapeutic effects on dizziness, insomnia, weakness of the spleen and the stomach, indigestion and poor appetite. In addition, Morel mushroom also helps prevent and fight with cancer, ward off colds, enhance the immune system and hence it medically shows crucial development value. Now, in China, market price of dried Morel mushroom is at 1600-2000 CNY per kg. In western European countries, Morels are extremely in tight supply and high price.