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  • Techniques of cultivating Gastrodia Elata in cellars
    1. Site selection: the preferred site is with thick soil layer, loose and fertile soil, good permeability of subsoil, in

    2016-03-31 02:02:14/Read More

  • The method of salting Oyster mushroom
    1. Boiling: put fresh Oyster mushroom into the boiling water and boil for 7 to 10 minutes, ladle out and put in clean ma

    2016-03-30 01:35:12/Read More

  • The selection of strains
    Good strains are the premise to realize high yield edible fungus, usable strains should possess these characteristics: 1

    2016-03-29 09:15:28/Read More

  • Main points of cultivating Enoki mushroom
    1. Temperature: enoki mushroom belongs to fruiting performance at low temperature. Hyoha can grow within 3 to 34 degree,

    2016-03-28 10:23:16/Read More

  • The manufacture method of dried Oyster mushroom
    Oyster mushroom contains more water, so before roasting, firstly dry fresh Oyster mushroom in the hot sun and preheat th

    2016-03-26 09:28:35/Read More

  • The cultivation of Monkeyhead Mushroom
    Variety choice: it is of great importance to select fine varieties, in recent years, luxuriant, disease-resistant a

    2016-03-25 09:41:50/Read More

  • Techniques of producing more mushrooms
    1.Change temperature and hasten mushrooms: control the inner temperature of greenhouse within 15 to 28 degree. Lift plas

    2016-03-24 02:28:57/Read More

  • The cultivation technique of Oyster Mushroom
    1. strictly conduct compost fermentation Strictly control the quality and formula of compost, control the fermenting pro

    2016-03-23 03:01:33/Read More

  • The processing of King Oyster mushroom
    Processing is not only the key link to guarantee the quality of mushroom products, but also the hinge to guarantee reput

    2016-03-22 09:15:00/Read More

  • The cultivation technique of Button mushroom
    1.Selection of variety At present, variety that is suitble for local cultivating is SC2196, the strain is original. Peop

    2016-03-18 02:50:49/Read More

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  • Mushroom-stick epidermis protective agent

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  • The control of Green Mold during Oyster mushroom cultivation

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  • Yunnan: Artificial Bolete were welcomed by customers in the mushroom fair

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  • Six tips on increasing the yield of Oyster mushroom

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  • Indoor cultivation method of Yellow morel

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  • Hunan: Chengbu Reishi was exported to southeast markets

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  • Five mushroom varieties that are suitable for cultivation in hot summer

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