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Control technology of Rhizopus on Enoki mushroom growing

2020-06-10 09:03:26

Rhizopus nigrican falls under with a kind of common sundry fungus. After mushrooms are infected by it, compost forms reticular mycelium and black punctiform conidium which all compete with Enoki mushroom for nutrients, and eventually result in output failure.
CONDITION of OCCURRENCE: Under natural condition, Rhizopus grows in soil, animal wastes and various organic matters.
1.The compost should be fresh and dry. Before you use it, firstly arrange thorough sterilization so as to kill the Rhizopus spores hidden in the compost.
2.Inoculation environment should be thoroughly disinfected. And, be sure to avert inoculation tools from touching with unboiled water.
3.During the cultivation period of Enoki mushroom, it is necessary to improve the ventilation and keep the cultivation room dry.
4.When you find Rhizopus infection, immediately dig the infected part out, then fill with fresh compost and sterilize it before you use.