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Cultivation and management kernels on Pholiota nameko

2020-03-03 16:43:47

1. Reasonably choose culivation time: Pholiota nameko falls under with low-temperature type mushroom, during the growth phase of mycelia, ideal temperature range is at 20-25 degrees Celsius, mycelia stop the growth at above 32 degrees Celsius. For normal cultivation time, it is suggested to steam and sterilize materials from February to March, spawn-running period goes on from April to May, then safe over-summer could be realized from June to July and the fruiting could be achieved from August to November.
2. Choose suitable fruiting place: Good fruiting place should reach the condition of good heat and moisture preservation and desirable ventilation. Besides, fruiting place should be 30 meters away from animal houses. What’s more, fruiting place should also be away from any pollution sources, sewage, and should be close to water sources as well as holding convenient drainage and traffic condition.
3. Choose superior ingredients: Regarding Pholiota nameko cultivation, main ingredients of substrate include bran, corncob flour, gypsum and lime. Growers could choose broad-leaved, hard wood and it is optimal to stack them up and ferment before the utilization. Compared with fresh sawdusts, the fermented saw dusts are quick on aspect of spawn running and high in output. Moreover, bran and corncob flour should be fresh, free from any mold, worms or insects. Last, but not the least, bran which has gone through high-temperature function in summer should never be chosen or used.