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Why edible mushrooms get fruited in a tardy speed?

2020-03-24 17:03:46

Why mushrooms fruit in a tardy trend? The following two main reasons are listed for your reference:
1.Insufficient water content in compost: During the formation phase of sporocarps, the superior water content is at 70%. When sowing, in the case of insufficient water content, water content during the spawn-running period will then reach 70%.
2. Poor ventilation or light deficiency: During the period of spawn running, mycelia of Oyster mushroom produce vast quantities of carbon dioxide. In the case of poor ventilation, concentration of carbon dioxide in mushroom house will be high, under that circumstance, be sure to open bag mouth or drill holes on mushroom bags. Meanwhile, be sure to enhance the ventilation. After several days, mushroom buds appear. In actual production case, in order to realize early fruiting, illumination should be improved 5 to 7 days before mycelia become fully-grown.