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To rise the biological conversion rate of Agrocybe cylindracea, what should growers do?

2019-12-27 16:49:22

Low biological conversion rate of Agrocybe cylindracea holds a certain relationship with special environmental requirement during the growth phase. Apart from selecting superior variety, growers should also pay attention to the following key points:

1. Agrocybe cylindracea is categorized into wood-rotting fungi, but it has poor ability on utilization of Lignin. Agrocybe cylindracea owns strong activity of protease, and it has significant ability on utilization of protein. Hence, increasing the ratio of organic nitrogen in compost is helpful to lift the output of Agrocybe cylindracea.

2. During the formation phase of sporocarps, high environmental humidity is required (100%), after the fruiting, it could be reduced to 80%, which is good for the growth of sporocarps.

3. During the fruiting phase of Agrocybe cylindracea, relatively-high concentration of carbon dioxide is needed, and it is conductive to the extension of mushroom stem and a higher output. Accordingly, during the phase, be sure to reduce the ventilation so as to raise the concentration of carbon dioxide.

4. Sporocarps of Agrocybe cylindracea hold phototaxis, thus certain scattered light is required during the formation phase of sporocarps.