• The making technique of sweet an sour Shiitake
    1. Material selection choose fresh Shiitake which is intact and cap diameter is 6-10cm, wash with spraying. 2. Presa

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  • The conservation of fresh Tricholoma matsutake
    How to preserve after taking delivery of goods? Fresh Tricholoma matsutakes have short hold time and expiration date is

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  • The processing methods of Oyster mushroom
    1. Making method of dried Oyster mushroom Oyster mushroom contains much water, so it need undertake baking. Before bakin

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  • Yunnan: Artificial Bolete were welcomed by customers in the mushroom fair

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  • Hunan: Chengbu Reishi was exported to southeast markets

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  • The control methods on Green Mold of mushroom cultivation

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  • Zhejiang: Shiitake capsule mushroom spawn technique achieved outstanding effects in Qingyuan

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  • Six tips on increasing the yield of Oyster mushroom

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  • Indoor cultivation method of Yellow morel

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  • Pest control on cultivation of Bamboo fungus

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  • Henan: Tianchishan edible mushroom industry adds a new road to rich for farmers

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