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The making technique of sweet an sour Shiitake

2016-09-01 14:04:24

1. Material selection  choose fresh Shiitake which is intact and cap diameter is 6-10cm, wash with spraying.
2. Presalting  add 4kg salt per 100kg cleaned Shiitake, put them in jar with one layer of salt after one layer of Shiitake, at last scatter a layer of salt on the top, compact with weight, make presalting for 24 hours.
3. Second salting  fish out presalted Shiitake and drain off, put them in clean jar for second salting. The method is to add 6kg salt per 100kg Shiitake, place a layer of salt after a layer of Shiitake, compact and salt for 48 hours.
4. Separate out salt  soak two-time salted Shiitake in clean water for 12 hours, separate out part salt, fish them out and drain off water.
5. Vinegar soaking  put Shiitake drained off water in clean jar, compact and leave space of 8-10cm on the top, pour in vinegar until it is close to jar edge, cover with bamboo skin, soak for 10 hours, fish out and drain off vinegar. 
6. Sugar soaking  put Shiitake drained off vinegar in clean jar again, with the proportion of adding 40kg white granulated sugar per 100kg Shiitake place a layer of sugar after a layer of Shiitake and continue to do this, compact and soak for 4 days, fish out and drain off sugar liquor.
7. Boiling  pour drained-out sugar liquor into a pot, after boiling put in the Shiitake soaked with sugar and vinegar, heat up slowly with slow fire and stir evenly unceasingly, when boiling again take them out, air them dry and then pack them, and they become finished product. You could also cool the out-of-pot Shiitake thoroughly, put them in sugar liquor of normal temperature, enclose it in jar and seal to store.   
This product is primarily sweet, at the same time is supplemented with sour and saline taste as well as special aroma of Shiitake, it is sweet, fragrant and palatable, is suitable for people of all ages.