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The conservation of fresh Tricholoma matsutake

2016-08-22 13:49:05

How to preserve after taking delivery of goods?
Fresh Tricholoma matsutakes own short hold time and the expiration date is only about two days at normal temperature. In order to extend their hold time, you could choose more scientific preservation method. Exceeding such time activity nutrition of Tricholoma matsutake will deteriorate, their fragrance will disappear quickly, their color will become yellow, and their mouthfeel will turn sour. After taking delivery of goods, take out Tricholoma matsutakes from foam box immediately, put them in fresh layer of refrigerator (Be sure not to preserve by sealing).
Concrete preservation methods are as follows:
Cold-storage of fresh Tricholoma matsutakes in refrigerator is a good preservation method, which could extend their expiration date to a range of 7-8 days. If you want to preserve longer time, some special storage modes are needed.
Generally speaking, the best edible time limit is within one week, so Tricholoma matsutakes would retain the best taste. But because Tricholoma matsutakes are not available throughout the year, so if you want to enjoy them at any time, the  following preservation methods are fit to be adopted.
Freezing treatment:
Putting fresh Tricholoma matsutakes in refrigerator to undertake freezing treatment could extend their expiration date to several months. There are two choices for freezing treatment:
1. Freezing after washing
2. Freezing them together with earth, their fragrance could be better kept. (You could pack them in little bags respectively according to weight, which is more convenient to eat.)
Cut into slices and dry under the sun:
Cut fresh Tricholoma matsutakes into slices and dry them under the sun, by this way, they could be preserved for longer time and free from deterioration, but the mouthfeel would change a lot, even when you soak them in clear water, they would also lose proper fragrance.
In addition to this method, you could choose to salt them in container after cutting fresh form into slices, when enjoying, you could take them out and prepare dishes with them after washing clean.