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The processing methods of Oyster mushroom

2016-08-19 14:05:31

1. Making method of dried Oyster mushroom
Oyster mushroom contains much water, so it need undertake baking. Before baking spread fresh mushrooms on baking sieve, dry them under the sun for a half day, at the same time preheat curing facility to 40℃ to discharge inner humidity. According to different mushroom body size and different thickness arrange the sieves separately, mushroom stem should be downward, cut big mushroom bodies into slices. Put big mushrooms on lower layer and little mushrooms on upper layer. Preliminary temperature should be controlled at around 35℃, after 1-2 hours adjust the temperature at 45℃-50℃, after 5 hours adjust the temperature at 60℃. If the temperature is raised too high or too quick, color of mushroom bodies will darken, even become black; mushroom caps are easy to crack and frizzle, and affect appearance of finished products. Top grade of baked Oyster mushroom is: gills are golden yellow, fragrance is thick.
2. Making methods of salting Oyster mushroom
(1) mushroom stewing: put fresh Oyster mushrooms washed clean and drained off water in boiling water of cauldron, stew for 7-10 minutes, fish out and spread them on clean summer sleeping mat, cool them immediately.
(2) pickle: put cooled Oyster mushrooms in 25% strong brine, ratio of mushrooms and saline water should be 1:1. After pickling for 12-24 hours examine brine concentration. Generally it will decline to 15%, fish mushrooms out, soak them in newly prepared saline which is 24%, stir evenly, measure saline concentration until it is stable at 20%. Saline should submerge mushroom bodies, cover with gauze to prevent drop-in of sundries such as mosquitoes and flies. In order to prevent corrosion, you should add citric acid which is 0.2% of fresh mushroom weight in soak solution, that is to add 100g citric acid in 50kg fresh mushrooms, saline PH value should be controlled at around 3.5. Pickle time should be 15-20 days.
(3) storage: after pickling fish mushrooms out and drain off, put them in newly prepared saline, cover with lid and store. After several days make random inspection of quality and weight, if saline concentration is not lower than 20% they could be transported out.
3. Making methods of Oyster mushroom soy sauce
Get defectives of Oyster mushrooms 5-10kg, after mashing them add clear water 50-100kg, boil and get the juice, use multilayer gauzes to filter and remove slag, for 50kg filter liquid it need five spices 47g, pepper 50g, black pepper 80g, anise 120g, cinnamon 150g, old ginger slice 200g, salt 1500-2000g, sodium benzoate 50g, citric acid 35g, caramel liquid 3000g, use multilayer gauzes to wrap five spices, pepper, black pepper, anise, cinnamon, ginger slice (cut up) altogether, put it in filter liquid to concentrate for 1.5-2 hours, 30 minutes ahead of being out of cauldron add caramel liquid, when being out of cauldron use multilayer gauzes again to filter, put filter liquid in jar, add salt, sodium benzoate and citric acid in the liquid, stir evenly, adjust saline concentration to 16%-18%, let it cool and precipitate, package it in the bottle, seal the mouth, then it is finished.