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Dingxi Yuanshun Biotechnology Limited Liability Company

2018-03-28 09:13:10
Dingxi Yuanshun Biotechnology Limited Liability Company
Founded in 2004, Dingxi Yuanshun Biotechnology Limited Liability Company holds 8 million CNY of registered fund, 26 million CNY of gross assets and occupies over 10,000 square meters. Now, it is the first large-scale mushroom development enterprise within Dingxi City, Gansu Province of China.
Up to now, over 18 million CNY of investment has been raised on establishment of automatic, standardized assembly lines of mushroom bags that cover 5000 square meters, intelligent temperature-control gas fermentation management workshop that occupies 3000 square meters, 2 production lines of liquid spawn, fully-automatic production lines of mushroom bags which daily output 20,000 bags, a high-temperature, high-pressure purification equipment of mushroom stick and a totally-enclosed, automatic assembly line for strain inoculation have been built, which realizes industrialized mushroom production from strain cultivation to bag production, purification, automatic inoculation and spawn running. By now, Yuanshun Company has attained daily output of 40,000 mushroom bags. By 2018, the anticipated annual output value hits 28 million CNY.
In 2014, Yuanshun Company built 40 solar greenhouses for production of Shiitake and More within Dingxi City. In each Shiitake greenhouse, annual output attains 7000 kg and output value comes to 98,000 CNY. And each Morel greenhouse outputs 200 kg and grasps 60,000 CNY of output value.
In 2016, Yuanshun Company launched construction work of Phase One of Photovoltaic poverty-alleviation garden, up to now, work of land transformation has been completed while others are in orderly implementation. After the construction, “High-efficiency Cultivation Mode That Highlights Two Flushes on Morel Mushroom And Shiitake Each Year” will be preliminary promoted, the expected annual pure incomes on each greenhouse obtain 94,600 CNY, to calculate by 300 greenhouses, gross annual pure profits come to 28.38 million CNY, which shows evident economic benefits.