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2016-09-22 05:04:32
Established in 1998, Starway Bio-Technology Co,. Ltd is a modern agricultural enterprise specialized in the research, production and sales of edible mushrooms. We started out mushroom production lines in 2000 and took the lead in industrialized production of Needle mushroom in 2002, becoming one of the few manufactures who are capable to produce all four species of mushroom living in low-temperature environment. I.e Needle mushroom, Brown shimeji mushroom, White shimeji mushroom and King oyster mushroom, in December 2010, Stayway was successful in completing an initial public offering on the Growth Enterprise Boar of Shenzhen Stock Exchange. We proudly announced ourselves as the first listed company in the mushroom production industry (stock code 300143).
Currently we have two manufacturing factories, located in Shaoguan and XIchong respectively. The main productions here are Fresh Brown shimeji mushroom, White shimeji msuhroom, Needle mushroom and King oyster mushroom, with a daily yield at about 129 tons in total. Our company have five major brands, known as Winso-Health Mushroom, T.com, Good Mushroom, Everlife and Crane as fresh, among which “Winso-Health Mushroom” was awarded the famoud brand of Guangdong province and rated as the “Brand-name products in Guangdong province”. In 2008, our Winso-Health needle mushroom product attained the Grade A green food certification.
Starway is dedicated in independent research and development. Until June 30th, 2015, we have obtained 27 national patents. In 2015, our project “breeding of exporting edible mushroom (white needle mushroom) and industrialization of high-efficiency biomimetic cultivation” was enrolled by National Development and Reform Commission as the National high-tech industrial development project plan. Cooperating with Guangdong Institute of Microbiology, Starway completed a joint research named “Study on the key technology of edible mushrooms mass production with high efficiency and quality” and won the second prize of national scientific and technological progress award in he year of 2007.
Starway was successively rated as the National High-tech Enterprise, the National Top Ten Leading Enterprises in mushroom industry, the Agricultural Leading Enterprise in Guangdong Province, the Scientific Private Enterprise in Guangdong Province, the healthy agricultural demonstration factory in Guangdong Province and the Agricultural Leading Enterprise in Dongguan City. In addition, Starway obtained ISO09001 international quality management system certification in the year of2004 and became the first mushroom manufacture achieving the China Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) certification in 2008.
To adopt the challenge and requirement from newest economic situations, Starway actively adjusted its industrial structure, implemented a strategic transformation and laid a foundation for healthcare industry in 2015. Drawing support from our listed company capital operation platform, Starway officially stepped into the medical treatment and health care area after completing its restructuring and recapitalization. We ill increase our investment on the development, production, sales and maintenance of advanced stereotactic radiotheraphy treatment system, as well as the construction and operation of radiation oncology treatment centers. We also look forward to creating a bilateral trade communication environment which combines domestic medical equipment and advanced foreign technology. In the foreseeable future, Starway will commence its new strategic layout with a simultaneous development of three industry domains: edible mushroom, healthcare and investment. With the assistance of our financing channel and resource advantage, we will definitely make Starway a multi-industry leader with “global business, advanced technology and scientific management”, constantly devoting ourselves to the happiness and well-being of all people.