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Henan Shijixiang Edible Mushroom Co., Ltd

2014-03-13 10:17:25
Henan Shijixiang Edible Mushroom Co., Ltd
Henan Shijixiang Edible Mushroom Co., Ltd. is located at the North Xuchang City. Our company is one of the largest leading enterprises of edible fungi, integrating scientific research, train, production, process, sale and import & export in Henan Province, with a land area covering 160,00m2 and a building area of 10,700m2. There are 6 such subsidiaries as edible fungi deep-processing base, edible fungi institute, edible fungi training school, edible fungi seed plant, national agricultural science & technology (edible fungi) Demonstration Park and Xuchang edible fungi engineering research center.
According to market research, the global output and consumption of edible fungi rise by an average of 10% and 15.3% respectively per year. The Food and Agriculture Organization and World Health Organization also put forward the scientific meal orientation –“one meat, one vegetable and one fungus.” To enter the international market, our company has well done essential work of various processes such as production, transportation, storage, package, processing and the circulation for edible fungi according to international standard. During these years, our company has always strictly carried out standardized management in each aspect of production, including the standardization of production environment for edible fungi products, material input, production process, as well as the package, storage, transportation and marketing of edible fungi products and further processed products. Our company takes stalks as main raw materials to produce edible fungi meeting the requirements of nuisance free and environmentally friendly products through sanitation and safety testing after sterilization or processed by specific technique.
Our company has passed through the evaluation of HACCP, ISO9001:2000 and GAP certifications, and out edible mushrooms have been exported to more than 10 countries and regions such as Canada, Australia, Singapore, and Japan.
In 2008, 100 pollution—free production and standardization greenhouses of edible fungi were built up, and modern processing plant of canned mushrooms and dry goods, as well as water and salinization processing lines were put into operation one after another. With the development of edible fungi, our company has developed the color technology of chemical-free products, pre-cooked technology, canned food sterilization technology of edible fungi, dried and salted processing technology, edible fungi polysaccharides extraction technology, as well as edible fungi storage and preservation techniques. Relying on improved product grade and overall quality level, we have provided customers with more value-added products in rich varieties, lengthening the industrial chain and achieving industrialization.
Complying with the standard of National Standardization Committee and the international GAP certification of pollution-free edible fungi, we use the operating mechanism of “Company+ Professional, Cooperators + Farmers+ Base+ Standardization” to establish and improve the standardization of state-level pollution –free edible fungi service systems. Furthermore, we pre-purchase raw materials, supply edible fungi seeds, providing all-around services from technical training, technical guidance in production, processing, and the export and sale of products.
Our “Baizhen” brand edible fungi are valuable and rare, being a kind of health food with rich nutrition, fresh and delicious taste, abundant protein and a great variety of amino acids and vitamins. It is a kind of environmentally friendly food for health and long life and also a kind of food for beautification, with the function of cancer and various diseases prevention, and can improve the immunity of human body if being eaten often.