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Shanxi Sanyuan Rural Mushroom Food Co., LTD

2018-02-26 09:26:46
Shanxi Sanyuan Rural Mushroom Food Co., LTD
Established on November, 2012, Shanxi Sanyuan Rural Mushroom Food Co., LTD is a private technological enterprise that integrates production, supply, marketing, acquisition, processing of mushroom into one. Now, the company holds 10 million CNY of registered fund and covers 125 mu of land. And its subordinates include Sanyuan Mushroom Institute, Sanyuan Yuyuan Specialized Mushroom Cooperative, Sanyuan Ruijie Family Farm and Dunhua Rural Mushroom E-commerce Co., LTD, scope of mushroom business involves 8 kinds of preliminarily-processed mushroom products and 6 kinds of deep-processed fruit and vegetable crisp chips.
With the innovative development mode of “Company+Institute+Cooperative+Poor household,” Sanyuan Company actively leads over 800 population to alleviate poverty through mushroom industry, main mushroom varieties refer to Morel, Yellow Enoki mushroom, Drumstick mushroom, Ganoderma, Black fungus, Oyster mushroom and White mushroom, and a series of deep-processed products such as Shiitake crisps, onion crisps, Shiitake slices and Ganoderma bonsai are supplied.