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Hebei Jisen Mushroom Company

2018-02-25 11:38:24
Hebei Jisen Mushroom Company
Founded in 2000 with the registered fund of 5 million CNY, Hebei Jisen Mushroom Company seizes advanced technology and R&D of superior strain as the main business. 
As the company’s general manager, Mr. Guo Liwei also doubles as The Tenth Deputy to the People’s Congress of Hebei Province and torch bearer of 2008 Olympic Games. With the speciality in production technology of Enoki mushroom, Mr. Guo has successfully exploited domestic and oversea markets, introduced foreign investment and built processing factory of export products.
Besides, Mr. Shuang Guo, business manager of Jisen Company, has been engaging in mushroom cultivation for years, and he keeps on accumulating abundant production experience.
Now, Hebei Jisen Mushroom Company holds conditions for industrialized mushroom production such as autoclaved sterilization, sterile inoculation and air-conditioning cultivation, provides all sorts of superior origin strains and mother strain of Oyster, Button, Brown, Enoki, King oyster, Black fungus, Ganoderma, Shiitake and others. With the guidance of mushroom mavens and China’s leading technology of Button mushroom tunnel construction, superior compost produced in Jisen Company evidently boosts yield of Button mushroom per unit area, now, in common greenhouse, yield per unit attains 15kg per square meter while it is increased to 25kg in air-conditioned greenhouse.
Hebei Jisen Mushroom Company purchases all kinds of mushroom products throughout the year, holds large-scale storage facilities, provides with sawdust of fruit trees, corncob, cottonseed hull and other raw materials as well as bagging machine, automatic mixing machine, superior mushroom bags and various fungicides.
With proper management and strong team power, Jisen Company helps you learn mushroom technology, build production bases, deal with things regarding mushroom production and marketing and acquire handsome economic benefits.