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Lvmei Mushroom Technology Development Jiangsu Co., LTD

2018-01-23 09:18:46
Lvmei Mushroom Technology Development Jiangsu Co., LTD
Established on March, 2012, Lvmei Mushroom Technology Development Jiangsu Co., LTD covers 200 mu of area and holds 120 million CNY of investment. Within the company, construction area of steel-frame factory reaches 45,000 square meters. 
Lvmei Company hammers at industrialized mushroom production with the world’s most advanced production line, superior strain and implements standardized, large-scale, mechanized and automatic production with might and main, average annual output on King oyster mushroom attains over 9000 tons, mushrooms produced by the company gain popularity by general customers in virtues of pure white appearance, thick texture and crisp flavor.
By industrialized production mode, Lvmei Company carries out organic combination between agricultural wastes and biotechnology, which immensely lifts the output, quality and safety level of mushroom products while promising customers with safe, healthy and organic mushroom products.
On aspect of qualification honor, Lvmei Company acquired Certification of National Pollution-free Agricultural Products in 2013, after a year, it passed Green Food A Level Certification. Besides, in 2014, annual sales volume came to 80 million CNY in the company.
Looking into mushroom markets with the vision of a leader and taking a broad view to the world, nowadays, Lvmei Company insists on channel development from wholesale to terminal, constantly broadens the depth and breadth of channel in a bid to create big market pattern.