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Fujian VANCHEN Mushroom Biotechnology Inc.

2018-01-19 08:55:15
Fujian VANCHEN Mushroom Biotechnology Inc.
With two branches which refer to Fujian VANCHEN and Nanjing JINVANCHEN, VANCHEN Biotechnology Group mainly produces Enoki, Shimeji, White beech and other mushrooms by industrialized production mode and international advanced core technology. 
Fujian VANCHEN Mushroom Biotechnology Inc covers 388 mu of land and it is the key project of Fujian Province. Within the company, mushroom factory holds graceful environment and fresh air, by referring to Japan’s GMP Standard and advanced technology and equipment, Phase One of project holds 6800 tons of annual production capacity on White beech and Shimeji mushroom, Phase Two shows 20,000 tons of annual output on Enoki mushroom while Phase Three was put into production as a national large-scale R&D and production base of industrialized mushroom.