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Baoding Kangerwo Biotechnology Co., LTD

2017-11-29 09:17:16
Baoding Kangerwo Biotechnology Co., LTD
Baoding Kangerwo Biotechnology Co., LTD is a provincial-level technological enterprise which is located in science park of Hebei University. 
Mr. Zhang Heying, founder of the company, also doubles as director of The Sixth Council of China Microbiology Society and expert consultant of China Edible Mushroom Business Net.
Over the years, Kangerwo Company has been centering on R&D of microbiological application technology, devoting itself to energy-saving, grain-saving, output-increase, benefit-boosting and pollution-reduction in traditional industry. In mushroom industry, the company has originally invented Output Increase Enzyme that could be applied on cultivation of King oyster, Shiitake, Button, Oyster, Enoki, Black fungus, Seafood and Straw mushroom, which shows significant economic and social benefits on aspects of energy-saving, output-increase and antipollution during mushroom production.
Kangerwo Company seeks cooperation from domestic and oversea enterprises in a bid to help create more benefits with their results and products, and bring benefits to society and people’s health.
Advantages of Kangerwo Company: Specialized team, quality guarantee, professional service, reasonable charge and wide scope of coverage.