Hubei Yuguo Mushroom Co., LTD

2017-08-29 03:44:34
Hubei Yuguo Mushroom Co., LTD
Hubei Yuguo Mushroom Co., LTD was established on July of 2000 and it situates in Suizhou City, Hubei Province of China. The company mainly engages in processing and marketing of dried Shiitake and dried Black fungus, it is a national key leading enterprise on national Shiitake industry, the enterprise that acquires Customs AA Certification, logs in national capital market as well as realizing direct financing. (Stock abbreviation: Yuguo Stock. Stock Code: 831036)
Yuguo Company also highlights export orientation, products are sold well to United State, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, Western Europe, Latin America and other nations and areas, for successive years, company’s products have been ranking top among national mushroom export, which brings about numerous honors. Besides, demonstrative Shiitake base built by Yuguo Company has also firstly passed GAP Identification and has been successively winning honors from nation and all over the world.
Hubei Yuguo Mushroom Co., LTD inherits the spirit of Emperor Yan and adheres to the philosophy of “Ecology, Health, Quality”, it establishes the root on The County of Chinese Shiitake and strives to spur itself into a first-class brand on Shiitake industry.