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Zhejiang Shuangyi Mushroom Co., LTD

2017-07-21 03:49:03
Zhejiang Shuangyi Mushroom Co., LTD
Zhejiang Shuangyi Mushroom Co., LTD is a key agricultural leading enterprise which engages in industrialized mushroom cultivation, the company holds the investment of 65 million CNY, occupies an area of 65 mu and carries the annual output of over 5000 tons of fresh mushrooms.
In line with biological engineering technology principal, the company reuses cottonseed hull, corncob, rice bran and other renewable resources to produce rare mushrooms such as Enoki mushroom and Pleurotus nebrodensis. Through a series of measures on source-detection to production inputs, mechanized production process and intelligent control of production environment, produced Enoki mushrooms are pure white, tall and straight, tasty while produced Pleurotus nebrodensis holds white color, appealing appearance, tender texture and superior commodity quality. Besides, after going through “The Pesticide Residue” from Inspect and Test Center of Agricultural Department, products have been certified Zero Pesticide Residue and Pollution-free Agricultural Products. For recent years, the products have been sold overseas to Singapore, Italy and other nations.
In 2007, the company also relied on cooperation opportunities with municipal government, and established a profound cooperation with Zhejiang University, after 2 years of experiment, industrialized cultivation mode of Pleurotus nebrodensis has been realized, which enriched the basket of Pleurotus nebrodensis in South China.
On aspect of cyclic production technology, the company positively utilizes resides produced from Enoki mushroom production to produce Pleurotus geesteranus, Oyster mushroom and other mushroom varieties. Till now, cyclic production modes of “Agricultural wastes- Enoki mushroom- Pleurotus geesteranus- Fuels” and “Agricultural wastes- Enoki mushroom- Fodder- Marsh gas- Fertilizer” have been exploited.
By the time of this year, 2 industrialized production lines constructed by the company have been put into production. After the complete construction, over 5000 tons of nutritional, safe and health-preserving mushrooms could be annually supplied to enrich the baskets on markets.