Jinzhu Manjiang Agriculture Co., LTD

2017-06-27 10:03:04
Jinzhu Manjiang Agriculture Co., LTD
Jinzhu Manjiang Agriculture Co., LTD was established in 2004, the company holds the registered capital of 120 million CNY and it went public on Shanghai Stock Exchange Center in 2014. (Stock Code: 201353)
Jinzhu Manjiang Agriculture Co., LTD is an agricultural technology enterprise which sets R&D, production, processing and marketing of rare mushrooms and functional mushroom foods as the main businesses. The company has independently developed more than 50 kinds of high-quality deep-processed mushroom products by its kernels of patent technology of Black chicken, its brand of “Sou Gu”and Black chicken production, which filled the blank of mushroom industry. The products are not only quite favored by wide customers, but also are exported to Hong Kong, Macao, Korea, America, Germany and other nations and areas, besides, the company has also established oversea sales and research center with Korea TMP Corporation.
The specialized mode that emphasizes “Industry+Policy+Finance+Market”developed by the company has created high-efficient agricultural miracles while realizing social benefits of industrial precise poverty alleviation. Jinzhu Manjiang Agriculture Co., LTD adheres to the philosophy of “Healthy Chinese People”, strives to not only do a great job on products, but also shoulder the social responsibilities of enterprise and keep working hard to obtain the goal of longevity for friends from all over the world.