Anhui Yipinxian Mushroom Co., LTD

2017-06-06 09:52:45
Anhui Yipinxian Mushroom Co., LTD
Anhui Yipinxian Mushroom Co., LTD situates in AAAAA National Scenic Spot, where holds beautiful environment, pleasant climate and is free from pollution.
The company was established in 2007 with the registered fund of 1 million CNY, now, the company holds the available funds of nearly 2 million CNY, falls under with sole proprietor, mainly engages in the production, processing and marketing of Shiitake, Black fungus, Oyster mushroom, Straw mushroom, Monkey head mushroom, Enoki mushroom and so on. As the legal person of the company, Mr Li Pinchao owns more than 30 years of mature experience on mushroom cultivation and management. For years, the company has been fully utilizing agricultural wastes such as mulberry twigs, tea branches, straws and reeds to cultivate various organic mushrooms. In addition, the company has also developed mushroom bags and the technology of Shiitake, Black fungus and Oyster mushroom bonsai.
The company always insists on market-orientation, takes credit as the guarantee and follows the path of company+base+farmers.
The company docks with domestic famous research units in field of technology, connects with domestic market, pulls the chain of well-off for agricultural technology, realizes the development mode of coordinated process while twirling the development of regional economy. Till now, the company established four demonstrative production bases referring to Shiitake, Black fungus, Coprinus comatus and Poria cocos, and modern production line, large-scale refrigeration house, dehydrating machinery and complete equipment for deep processing.