Lingbao Xinhua Mushroom Co., LTD

2017-05-13 09:49:14
Lingbao Xinhua Mushroom Co., LTD
Lingbao Xinhua Mushroom Co., LTD is the production unit which integrates product research, variety breeding and technical service into one, and focuses on strain production, supply and technical service in line with the operation mode of company+farmer. The company holds 5 strain production units, meaning 5 subordinates.
Nowadays, mushroom industry has become the characteristic agricultural pillar industry and one of crucial channels for farmers to raise revenues. Lingbao Xinhua Mushroom Co., LTD situates in AAA state-level scenic spot and is the research and development institution which has been firstly approved by government and has been successively winning several honorary titles. Lingbao City is the base county of national mushroom industry, it also doubles as the pollution-free mushroom county in Henan Province, China.  
In 1999, under the policy of local government, Lingbao Xinhua Mushroom Co., LTD utilized fruit tree branches to cultivate medicine mushrooms. Through years of demonstration and promotion, the company has expanded the cultivation scale to more than 20 million bags, which generated the social benefits of more than 200 million CNY.
At present, the company mainly produces Shiitake, Oyster mushroom, Enoki mushroom, King oyster mushroom, Coprinus comatus, Agrocybe cylindracea, Ganoderma and others, meanwhile, the company also provides all-level mushroom strain, mushroom products, raw and auxiliary materials and equipment while it develops technical training, technical service, technical transformation, production recycling processing and other business. If there is anything you need, please feel free to contact us.
Contact: Li Xinhua
Mobile: 13298285286 or 13462660781
Tel (Fax): 0398-6198352
Web: www.xinhuajunzhong.com