Hebei Bai Chau Bio Technology Development Co., Ltd

2016-12-16 01:24:53
Hebei Bai Chau Bio Technology Development Co., Ltd
Hebei Bai Chau Bio Technology Development Co., Ltd. was founded in September 2012 with the registered capital of 11 million yuan. We hold a modern million tons of cold storage, a modern frozen production line, production and processing workshop covering nearly ten thousand square meters, agricultural and forestry science and technology training teaching building and a comprehensive office building. In the most green places of Taihang Mountain, - the western mountainous area with the altitude of 1000 meters in Xingtai Area, there are tens of thousands of acres of cultivation base for agricultural and forestry products, and nearly 10,000 household partners engaging in the production of dried and fresh fruits. 
We mainly engaged in agricultural and forestry technical personnel training, the cultivation of agricultural and sideline products, storage, processing, dry and fresh fruits, frozen vegetables, cold storage, and domestic and oversea sales businesses. We sincerely welcome all sectors of the elite coming from all walks of life to join and support us so as to make mutual cooperation and development, as well as a win-win future.
Our existing staffs come to 200 people, including 45 management staff and 155 production workers. We own human resources department, integrated office, finance department, liaison department, marketing department, production department, marketing department, agricultural cooperation and other departments and agencies, we mainly dock with rural farmers and international markets, moreover, we have taken shape in the development chain which contains cultivation, purchasing and storage, production and processing, sales.
"Honesty, high-end, brand-creation" is the our long-term development concept and power, "Giving prominence to quality" is our solemn commitment to the consumers. Faced with the future, we will be highly responsible for food safety, create the first-brand of Chinese chestnut and edible mushroom industry.
All our products are from the Taihang Mountain Bai Chau production base situating in an altitude of 1000 meters depth in in China. In addition, we have established several green organic industrialized production bases occupying more than 10,000 acres in Xingtai area, of which Gold Sun Apricot planting base accounts for 1500 acres, high-quality Chinese chestnut base takes 8000 acres and the Oyster mushroom cultivation base holds 1400 acres.
We pursue “Green environmental protection, green health”  as green is the cradle of China's food dream, green environmental protection is the prospect that achieves the dream of the world's high quality food! Let us join hands and work together to fight for us, for all of us, for the world, for the health and well-being of mankind!
When it comes to Oyster mushroom cultivation, it should be stressed that we own the daily output of 20 tons, till the middle of December, 2016, more than 300 tons have been produced, recently, we are urgently looking for oversea buyers on the frozen Pleurotus cornucopiae (Tiny Oyster mushrooms) for export, if you are interested in, please be sure to contact us or CEMBN.
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E-mail: 421588361@qq.com or 408247077@qq.com