Shanxi Minkang Agriculture and Forestry Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd

2016-12-16 10:59:16

Minkang Agriculture and Forestry Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd started to emerge in 2011, under the guidance and promotion of local government, the company has become a new agricultural science and technology enterprise which integrates cultivation, processing, marketing, trees and flowers and ecological restaurants into one.
Mushroom cultivation is the dominating industry of the company, among all the varieties, Shiitake sits in the primary position. The advantageous Selenium resources in Hanyin County is the strong foundation of local agricultural development. Till now, Minkang Company has established 12 production bases in Hanyin County by its development mode of “Company+Cooperative+Party Branch+Base+Farmer”. Moreover, the production capacity and annual production value have respectively reached to 6 million bags and more than 40 million CNY. Minkang regards technical innovation and marketing as the priorities, helps farmers increase cultivation benefits, and promotes the benign cycle development of mushroom industry.
The company’s development goals of mushroom industry refer to three phases. 
The First Phase: Increase the production ability of mushroom farmers, in the next three years, the company intends to lead 2000 households to realize the production capacity of 30 million of fungus sacks and achieve the production value of at least 200 million CNY.
The Second Phase: In the meantime of developing the production of fresh products, the company is going to enhance the promotion of dried products and meet the export demands.
The Third Phase: March into the field of deep processing, lift the additional value of products and strive to transform from agriculture to modern food industry.