Jinan Peng Sheng Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd.

2016-11-30 01:15:55
Jinan Peng Sheng Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd.
Jinan Peng Sheng Agricultural Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Was established in June 2011 with the registered capital of 30 million CNY. The company is one of the large-scale comprehensive modern agricultural science and technology enterprises which highlights Seafood mushroom cultivation, demonstration and extension, cultivates high-quality jujube seed and seedling all year round.
For many years, the company has been identified as the focus of leading enterprise on agricultural industrialization by local government, Peng Sheng Modern Agricultural Eco Park is assessed as a modern urban agriculture demonstration park in Ji'nan city. In December 2012, the company was named as "The province's mushroom industry leading enterprise"; In February 2013, it was named as "The Shandong Province’s old Association for Science and Technology Project of Agricultural Science and Technology Demonstration Base" by Shandong Science and Technology Association. In 2014, it was identified as the high-tech enterprise in Shandong province."
The development and expansion of the company owns the following advantages:
1. Talent advantage: Among the company's 128 existing staffs, 4 hold master's degree, 2 hold doctoral degrees while 10 people are in senior title, 53% of employees are college degree or above. 
2. Technological advantages: The company owns famous domestic and foreign mushroom expert team for core laboratory, seafood mushroom liquid production process has been successfully settled, and the national patent application is the only one used for ecological technology in liquid production of Seafood mushroom enterprises. At present, the company is developing seafood mushroom processing technology, and in 2013, a series of mushroom products such as Seafood mushroom crisp and other ready-to-eat products were produced and appeared on the market.
3. Product advantage: Our company is the only one which engaged in Seafood mushroom business in Shandong Province, we have established a complete modern industrial technology system, "Peng Sheng" brand of Seafood mushroom has been certified as organic products. Our products are also being exported to Beijing, Qingdao and other big cities.
The followings are the advantages of the development in the company:
1. Variety advantage: Zhong Qiuhong Company breeding and cultivation of steamed jujube, fresh-eating jujube "Crisp jujube", "High VC big jujube" and more than 30 varieties.
2. Technological advantages: In order to improve the jujube cultivation technology content, we organized some distinguished local well-known experts to build a scientific and technological team so as to provide services.
3. Yield advantage: The company’s base date was completed with an investment of 8 million CNY, which has given full play to the leading role of radiation and driven the surrounding agricultural characteristic forests of 1000 acres, and forestry department which is named as “Provincial Economic Forestry Standardization Demonstration Garden”, etc. 
The next step of our company is to go on striving for technical reserves, expert support and guidance, strengthening scientific research and development with low energy consumption. Soon, let the company’s products go out of the country, even to the world.