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  • The intellectualized production technology of Enoki mushroom
    Mushroom is the characteristic and superior industry in Pinghu City, Zhejiang Province, China which doubles as the key d

    2016-12-29 16:04:07/Read More

  • The large-scale technology on utilizing fermented corncobs to cultivate Oyster mushroom
    In recent years, Hui County, Henan Province, China has been utilizing abundant local corncob sources to vigorously devel

    2016-10-29 16:22:01/Read More

  • The new technology on utilizing residues of Enoki mushroom to cultivate Agaricus Blazei
    During March and April, abundant residues are generally produced after people pick Enoki mushroom, which could be used a

    2016-10-12 14:20:34/Read More

  • Non-pollution cultivation techniques of industrialized King oyster mushroom in Northern China
    King oyster mushroom, also known as Pleurotus eryngi and belongs to Hymenomycetes, is a kind of typical wild mushroom in

    2016-10-11 15:26:05/Read More

  • Briefly talk about the industrialized production of mushroom industry
    In the process of social development, all the enterprises encounter some problems on effectively utilizing social resour

    2016-10-10 14:24:00/Read More


  • Artificial cultivation of Reishi mushroom yields a better tomorrow

    2020-09-08 17:14:22/Read More

  • Anhui Fuyang Logistic Center of Agricultural Products: Analysis of Mushroom Price

    2020-09-07 17:22:13/Read More

  • Agaricus blazei cultivation is fattening poor households’ wallet

    2020-09-04 17:19:11/Read More

  • Fujian Province: Russula mushrooms are coming into season

    2020-08-13 17:25:13/Read More

  • Jiangsu Lingjiatang Market: Analysis of Mushroom Price

    2020-08-11 17:20:57/Read More