• Growth environment of Bamboo fungus
    Mycelial cords of Bamboo fungus base are connected with bamboo rhizome and withered bamboo root, long-skirt Bamboo fungi

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  • Five mushroom varieties that are suitable for cultivation in hot summer
    Mushroom that can be cultivated in hot summer includes: Straw mushroom is a variety that can endure hot temperature. Sui

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  • The skills in dried Shiitake selection
    1. Color and lustre The Shiitake that has its special color and lustre, yellowish brown or black brown, color and lustre

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  • Golden fungus is becoming a nutritional star

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  • Black fungus cultivation becomes the bright industry that indicates handsome incomes

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  • Growing Stropharia rugosoannulata to take off the hat of poverty and grow rich

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  • Hanging-bag Black fungus cultivation offers juicy harvest

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  • Jiangsu Province of China: Under-forest Shiitake industry flourishes

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  • Heilongjiang Province: Superior Black fungi cultivated in shed room are sold abroad

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  • Xixia City, Henan Province: Volume of Shiitake export leads a sustained growth

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  • Trial cultivation of new Morel variety obtained its success

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