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Preparation technique of appetitive mushroom pickles

2018-06-05 15:54:37

Main ingredients: 
20kg fresh Button mushrooms
4kg cabbages
4kg celeries
4kg carrots
4kg green peppers
4 kg lettuces
500g ginger slices
500g white wine
500g Sichuan peppers
A pinch of sugar
1. Rinse cabbages off, peel the carrots, lettuces and coarsely cut them into segments that hold 5-6cm of length in respective. Rinse the celeries, remove the fibres and cut them into segments.
2. Go seed of the green peppers, rinse and cut them into segments.
3. Rinse Button mushrooms off and roughly slice them up.
Pickle water: Hard water is preferred to retain the crispness. In 10kg of water, sprinkle with 800g of salt, mix well and bring into a boil. After that, cool it down and set aside. In order to accelerate the process, it is advisable to combine with a little superior stock of pickle water or artificially-inoculated Saccharomycetes.
In a container, drop in Button mushroom slices and all kinds of vegetables, sprinkle with moderate Sichuan peppers and ginger slices, dump with moderate white wine and scatter with a dash of sugar. After stirring well, remove them into a clean pickle jar and dump with sufficient pickle water. What is noteworthy is that after covering the lid, be sure to dump with sufficient water along the sink so as to complete isolate all ingredients from the outside air. After over 20 days of natural fermentation under the condition of sealing, they are absolutely the delicacies which stimulate your appetite!